Drake Calls Out Anthony Fantano, a Music Critic: “Your “Existence” Is a 1/10


Rapper Drake is in a spat with YouTube music reviewer Anthony Fantano, dubbed the “internet’s busiest music nerd.”

On his Instagram story on Thursday night, Drake revealed his own direct messages to Fantano, which read: “Your existence is a light 1. And the 1 is cause you’re alive,” he added, referring to Fantano’s custom of rating music from one to ten. 먹튀검증

And since you married a Black chick, somehow,” Drake said. I’m having a light to decent 1 thought about you.

In a bold move, Fantano was able to entice the rapper to fire his own DMs by posting a video on his second YouTube channel titled “Drake Slid Into My DMs,” in which the music critic featured a carefully crafted DM. design that shows Drake sending him food for him. Thus, vegan cookies. Also, it looks like Fantano is training the rapper to reveal himself. On Instagram Live when Drake posted the screenshot, Fantano said, “What really happened is that for reasons I don’t know, Drake was in his mood, as he usually is.”

Consequently, Fantano said he received a DM request from the artist, which he described as “a little diss… a little bit of salt. It’s sad and sad.”

Then, addressing rumors of Drake’s friendship with teenage ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown, Fantano added, “Why did Drake text me? I am not eighteen years old. It’s a little weird… This guy knows me well enough to know my ranking system, which is a little. It looks like something is shooting.

Fantano continued, “That’s why he has ghostwriters. Because that’s a rude attitude when you get when this guy is working solo dolo. If I want a good quote in my inbox, he should hire someone else to do it.

The music critic opened up about his decision not to respond to Drake’s message and declared that “Fantano is getting a W today.”

“I will leave Drake reading like other beasts thirsty in my DM. Another animal angry in my DM. I don’t want anymore… I left Drake reading like many women in the past .I’m just one more in a long line [that] has left this man to study. 카지노사이트

Later in the stream, Fantano opened up about the prank he played on the man, saying, “Come on man, you’re leaking your own DMs on the internet. It’s sad. He is very empathetic. I don’t even have a million followers. How could you let me get under your skin like this?

In closing, Fantano added, “There are no hard feelings against Drake. I think Drake is an artist who has done some great things. He has been putting out a lot of records…Then he got a lot of fantastic hits… He has many songs on the record that I don’t like about and don’t like. It is close. “

So, check out Drake’s screenshots and watch Fantano’s video, along with a recording of his live stream, below.

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