BL Releases This Ber Months of 2022

In countries where it is hot and humid for many years, the beginning of the month “Ber” indicates the beginning of cold weather, even in the evening. There is a quick rain from time to time, and although this can make the road heavier than before, it makes for better sleep. At this time of year, the air is refreshing and enough to blow our hair out.

The tab below lists the release years for the English version of BL manga in the United States. Please note that all dates are subject to change, dates beyond 4 months are less likely.

For titles with both digital and physical releases, the difference between the digital and physical release dates has not been shown, if applicable. NEW for 2022: The BL name actually advertised as BL in Japan will remain in plain text. Italics will indicate non-BL titles with male characters 카지노사이트. * These manga are published in various ways in shoujo, shounen and seinen magazines in Japan or are classified in other ways such as such or geikomi. **All manga are commercial unless otherwise stated. Non-manga BL titles will be listed, including manhwa, danmei and light novels. Non-manga, non-BL titles with male characters will be the ones to be tagged.

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September 2022

  • The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame vol 2 by Gengoroh Tagame (Fantagraphics, 9/6/22)
  • Jealousy vol 5 by Scarlet Beriko (SuBLime, 9/13/22)
  • Love Nest vol 1 by Yuu Minaduki (SuBLime, 9/13/22)
  • Deadlock vol 3 by Saki Aida and Yuh Takashina (June, 9/13/22)
  • The (Pet) Detective Agency by noji (Kuma, 9/20/22)
  • Anti-Romance vol 1 Special Edition by Shoko Hidaka (Seven Seas, 9/20/22)
  • Monotone Blue by Nagabe (Seven Seas, 9/20/22)
  • Heaven Official’s Blessing vol 4 by MXTX (danmei, Seven Seas, 9/20/22)
  • Fangs vol 2 by Billy Balibally (Tokyopop, 9/27/22)
  • On or Off vol 1 by A1 (manhwa, Tokyopop, 9/27/22)
  • Love is an Illusion vol 1 by Fargo (manhwa, Seven Seas, 9/27/22)
  • Crossplay Love: Otaku x Punk vol 1 by Tooru (Seven Seas, 9/27/22)

October 2022

  • 10 Dance vol 7 by Inouesatoh (Kodansha, 10/4/22)
  • My Love Mix-Up vol 5 by Wataru Hinekure and Aruko (Shojo Beat, 10/4/22)
  • Black or White vol 5 by Sachimo (SuBLime, 10/11/22)
  • Moon & Sun vol 2 by Akane Abe (SuBLime, 10/11/22)
  • Ore Miko by Sakira (June, 10/11/22)
  • Hyperventilation by Bboong Bbang Kkyu (manhwa, Tokyopop, 10/11/22)
  • Canis: Dear Hatter vol 2 by ZAKK (Kuma, 10/18/22)
  • Happy of the End vol 1 by Ogeretsu Tanaka (Kuma, 10/18/22)
  • The Titan’s Bride vol 1 by ITKZ (Seven Seas, 10/18/22)
  • Hirano and Kagiura vol 1 by Shou Harusono (Yen Press, 10/18/22)
  • The Husky and His White Cat Shizun vol 1 by Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou (danmei, Seven Seas, 10/25/22)

November 2022

  • The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System vol 4 by MXTX (danmei, Seven Seas, 11/1/22) – Special Edition and B&N exclusive edition also available
  • Love Nest vol 2 by Yuu Minaduki (SuBLime, 11/8/22)
  • Punch Up! vol 7 by Shuiko Kano (SuBLime 11/8/22)
  • I Think Our Son is Gay vol 4 by Okura (Square Enix, 11/8/22)
  • Canis: Dear Mr Rain by ZAKK (Kuma, 11/15/22) – Reissue with new cover and content
  • Golden Terrace vols 1 and 2 by Cang Wu Bin Bai (danmei, Peach Flower House, 11/15/22)
  • I Cannot Reach You vol 5 by Mika (Yen Press,11/22/22)
  • Seaside Stranger vol 5: Harukaze no Etranger by Kii Kanna (Seven Seas, 11/22/22)
  • Killing Stalking vol 2 by Koogi (manhwa, Seven Seas, 11/22/22)
  • Crossplay Love: Otaku x Punk vol 2 by Tooru (Seven Seas, 11/22/22)
  • Classmates vol 6: blanc by Asumiko Nakamura (Seven Seas, 11/29/22)

December 2022

  • Loved Circus by Nemui Asada (Tokyopop, 12/6/22)
  • Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation vol 1 by MXTX and Luo Di Cheng Qiu (manhua, Seven Seas, 12/6/22)
  • Love is an Illusion vol 2 by Fargo (manhwa, Seven Seas, 12/6/22)
  • Coyote vol 4 by Ranmaru Zariya (SuBLime, 12/13/22)
  • Midnight Rain by CTK (SuBLime, 12/13/22)
  • A Home Far Away by Teki Yatsuda (Kuma, 12/13/22)
  • The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation vol 4 by MXTX (danmei, Seven Seas, 12/13/22)
  • Entangled with You: the Garden of 100 Grasses by Aki Aoi (Seven Seas, 12/20/22)
  • Heaven Official’s Blessing vol 5 by MXTX (danmei, Seven Seas, 12/20/22)
  • On or Off vol 2 by A1 (manhwa, Tokyopop, 12/20/22)
  • What Did You Eat Yesterday? vol 19 by Fumi Yoshinaga (Kodansha, 12/20/22)

What You Should Know About ‘Jinx’ by Mingwa

After we keep going covered the pre-send off of Jinx , the delivery has now authoritatively begun. The work is written by BJ Alex writer Mingwa.

The Young men Love series is distributed by Lezhin, the webtoon distributer offers an English language variant for worldwide fans . To praise the send off of Jinx , the initial six sections have been delivered at the same time. Three new parts are to follow month to month, one each on the second, twelfth and twenty-second days.

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While the beginning is free, different sections cost 30 coins each. These are accessible, for instance, by signing into the site or potentially application everyday and in return for genuine cash . You really want a record to understand it, and you can likewise sign in with Google, Apple ID, Facebook and Twitter.

Mingwa’s BJ Alex was first distributed only carefully by means of the Lezhin site between November 2017 and July 2019. In mid 2020, the establishment sent off with BJ Alex: BJ. MD stretched out by a side project, before the side story adjusted the work as an epilog. An English adaptation is additionally accessible for worldwide fans. The print version includes a sum of nine volumes.

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In Germany, altraverse has been distributing the title in full-variety huge configuration for €16.00 per volume since last January. The fourth volume is to be distributed in German on December 19, and is alternatively accessible with a first gatherer’s slipcase. The group costs €24.00 and accompanies an extra. What the last option is about is not yet clear 카지노사이트.

Storyline of Jinx

The story is about the fruitful expert fighter Joo Jaekyung and an actual specialist named Kim Dan. After an occurrence, Dan lost his position at the medical clinic, from that point forward he has been getting by with different impermanent positions.

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A huge obligation, which is savagely gathered by predatory lenders, weighs intensely on the young fellow. At the point when Jaekyung’s administration books him for treatment, he can barely come to grips with his amazing good fortune from the outset: the compensation is astoundingly high. Nonetheless, there is an explanation…

The Top Ten BL Webcomics and Manga

The growing world of online movies has been around for as long as we can remember. Since the discovery of the first alleged manga dating back to the 12th century, comics have evolved into a variety of media over time. From the superhero comics popular in the United States during World War II to the independent webtoon, all forms of graphic fiction have been around for centuries.

Naturally, with the global Internet connection, the physical system has been transformed into a digital service, and South Korean entertainment has started early. Manhwa, a South Korean webtoon, has become a popular genre of graphic novels, with BL (or boys’ romance) as one of the most popular genres in the series. Known for its beautiful illustrations and straightforward structure, manhwa has become one of the most popular forms of storytelling in the BL community. Manhwa is often associated with certain genres and themes. As an earlier literary form, manhwa is known to often include the above tropes and metaphors. In the past few years, all ideas about this comic book series have been abandoned in South Korea, becoming a wider platform than originally expected. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list ranging from historical backgrounds to psychological novels, as well as some of the best BL Manhwa and Webtoons that every BL fan should know about. Fantasy Football: Players to Drop for Your Week 10 Waiver Wire Pickups

19 days

Image via Youtube / InerjaveikaI

The webtoon 19 Days is a Chinese webtoon originally released in 2013, written and illustrated by Old Xian. This Chinese manhua follows the lives of four high school students who grow closer over time. Initially a humorous story, 19 Days turns dark from time to time as the story progresses and the characters’ stories begin to emerge. The story begins with unique comic skits without dialogue, turning to short chapters showing the lives of these seemingly small students, until the story begins to unfold. The humor, along with the thin images and great art, make the webcomic great for first-time readers, however, 19 Days is one of the Chinese webtoons that – feel good. Because of this, this manhwa, while featuring the characters, is still a very conservative story.

B.J. Alex

Perhaps BL Manhwa is the one who put the genre on the map, BJ Alex became an overnight sensation with his dark and unimaginable drawings and one-of-a-kind stories, especially in when the species grows. as the top group in the South Korean film industry. The Korean manhwa was first published in Lezhin Comics in 2017, written and illustrated by Mingwa, but received its first edition in physical form in 2021 when the BJ Alex All-Ages edition was released. This vivid story follows the lives of Dong-Gyun, a college student, and Ahn Jiwon, a college student with a secret internet identity, BJ Alex, which he uses for sexual harassment. Dong-Gyun admires the person behind the mask, unaware that the person with the camera is sitting next to him in class.

Here U Are

Lee U Are is a Chinese comedy that was originally released in 2017. This underage manhua was written by D. Jun, and this long story has become a staple in the BL genre. Covering themes such as coming out and even the death of family members, Lee U Are is a gentle romantic manhua about two college students who seem to have little in common at first glance. Li Huan is the sweet and kind freshman in college who bullies everyone around him, while Yu Yang, his older classmate, seems strong despite his small frame. This manhwa, although still subject to Chinese censorship laws, portrays a clear and explicit homosexual relationship, although its content of obvious moments does not go beyond kissing.

The beast must die

Image via Youtube / zzugi123

Psychological thrillers are one of the most popular subgenres in BL, loved for their strength and complex story lines. Among the great supernatural stories, The Beast Must Die is perhaps one of the best stories of this trope. This manhwa written by Lee Hyeon-Sook is truly a perfect example of a well-researched story that includes highly sensitive themes, including sexual assault, revenge, psychology, and mental illness in one webcomic. . The Beast Must Die is about Lee Kirin, who seeks revenge when his sister is sexually assaulted by a group of men. In order to connect with these groups, he is forced to work with Kang Moo, a violent man with no empathy for anyone around him. This story is often praised for its deep psychological insight, and its lack of interest in abusive relationships.

Sign Language

A prime example of salubrity and humor is sign language. This is a 2017 manhwa from Ker that defies the norm by introducing a deaf character into a world that values ​​beauty and perfection. Manhwas are often known for their cute and beautiful characters that represent the ideals of beauty in South Korea, but the sign language has chosen to tear down the walls of beauty. This manhwa has a cafe that is on the verge of bankruptcy due to many reasons: their terrible coffee, customers who don’t order from the menu, and Go Yo, the deaf cafe manager. Soo Hwa is the main character who starts working in this chaotic place, not thinking that her manager’s deep voice will win her over.

The Painter of the Night

Set in a historical setting set in ancient Korea, Painter of the Night has quickly become everyone’s favorite BL. It is a violent and vivid story about Na-Kyum, a young and extraordinary artist with a special talent for taking erotic pictures of men, and Seungho, who known for his insatiable appetite. Byeonduck released this ongoing story in 2019, the unique art immediately won the hearts of BL fans around the world. However, this Korean manhwa, shows the negative aspects of the BL genre, including sexual assault, brutality, and violence, at a time when all these tropes are condoned in mainstream society.

Image via Youtube / 1theK (원더케이)

At the End of the Road

With a supernatural element, At the End of the Road is a Haribo manhwa published in 2016. This story shows two high school students who wake up to find themselves in each other’s bodies after a car accident. Beneath the road, despite its dire situation, is a violent and complicated system. Siwon is a character who is bullied at school, carries the burden of a terrible past of child abandonment and abuse, and brutality translates into adulthood. Although violent, this manhwa is not sexual, becoming a good choice for anyone who is still looking for a complex plot that does not focus on sex.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a popular BL manhwa that perfectly encapsulates the genre’s favorite tropes. The story follows the lives of Hae Bom and Tae Sung, two high school students who live under the same roof due to a terrible tragedy involving Hae Bom and her parents. After the death of his parents, Tae Sung’s mother adopted the boy, separating the relationship between the two children until high school, when they were forced to interact as classmates. This 2017 manhwa from Bam U went on to have 127 chapters after being an immediate success, including beloved tropes such as lovers’ enemies, childhood friends, and protective identities. The manhwa was originally released as an all-year series, only including the definitive anime from the fourth season onwards.

The Artist Behind the Curtain

Image via Youtube / Rhys

The Artist Behind the Curtain is a 2015 manhwa series from Munamu that, despite its status as an underrated series, remains a favorite of BL savvy fans. It’s a story that covers a number of sensitive topics, including domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault, which are dealt with in a gentle but heartbreaking way. The artist behind the curtain portrays Ian, an artist by nature who is forced to work for a cruel and greedy family who abuses the young man until a wealthy merchant approaches the family and – ask for pictures. 카지노사이트

From then on, Raymond realizes the seriousness of Ian’s situation, giving himself the task of rescuing the poor boy. This story features a beautiful world building, carefully designed from the ground up, showing Munamu’s story in a complex and dramatic way, with a variety of simple illustrations. The world of BL manhwa is very vast and rich in content. Like all genres of writing, in BL one can find stories that cover all kinds of topics, from horror to spirituality and even fantasy or fantasy. However, BL continues to grow in the western region, making it a tedious task to find out exactly how many there are, but with a little effort anyone can finding BL manhwa they like.

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‘Payback’ (페이백) Manhwa

  • Type: Manhwa
  • Status: In progress
  • Release date: 01.06.2021 – ?
  • Volume / Chapter: ? / 40+
  • Publisher: Bomtoon
  • Mangaka: Writer: Samk and artist: Fujoking
  • Adapted from: Light Novel
  • Guardians: Women
  • Websites:,,
  • Status: In progress
  • Release date: 01.12.2021 – ?
  • Volume / Chapter: ? / 33+
  • Publisher: Lezhin Entertainment Inc.

Description of the Manhwa

Like other students preparing to take their CSAT exams, Lee Yoohan is drawn into an exciting life of crime and debauchery. While working for a loan shark, karma catches up with him when one of his family members dies and takes revenge. After years of repenting for his sins and trying to move on, he meets a man from the entertainment industry who gives him the chance to take revenge… 온라인카지노커뮤니티

Lee Yoohan who lived a boring life as a debt collector, decided to become a celebrity to avenge his loved one. She meets a man named Yoon Jay who tells her that he will help her. Little did she know that Jay was a shareholder and celebrity in one of the biggest entertainment companies, and they shared a past.

‘Payback’ by Fujoking

Manhwa Reviews

Have you thought a lot about the manga “Payback” and now think it’s time to put those thoughts into words and do it in a well-organized form? So now is your chance to be the first to share your thoughts about “Payback” among our community by creating a thread for it and put your thoughts there. Use the button below to create a thread quickly! 카지노사이트

Manhwa Reviews

Want to share your thoughts on the “Payback” manga with the rest of our community, but don’t have enough to say about it to fill out all the reviews? So feel free to create a thread for “Payback” using the button below and be the first to share your thoughts!

Reviews and Ratings of Readers

Webtoon readers like this manga. It received good reviews and ratings online.
One user said that Payback is good and he is happy to see a warm and happy time on this website. He added that if more than five stars could be given to this webtoon, he would give it his all.

So, it’s all about this popular webtoon – Payback. However, if you know more about Payback Chapter 31, feel free to share the same in the comments section! We will be happy to hear from you.

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8 Best BL/Yaoi Manga That Need Anime Adaptation

The BL genre has become a popular genre among manga readers and is also popular in anime. Due to the success of shows like Given, Yuri on Ice, No. 6, with Sasaki and Miyano, it has become a common type of drama. More and more BL manga are slowly getting anime adaptations, but there are a large number that aren’t (at least).

These BL manga may not be the most dramatic or over the top, but they have some great stories and great characters. Watching their friendship become a relationship or working on their relationship, these BL manga should have an anime adaptation to show their story to the viewers.

9 Change the world

His manga depicts a married couple who make life changes that can destroy their relationship. Yosuke Ito and Ikuo Arimura have known each other since high school but only recently for a year. Their relationship is going well, but they find it difficult to express their feelings. There’s also Masato Hozumi, Arimura’s former classmate and roommate, putting doubts about their relationship in Yosuke’s mind. It doesn’t help that Yosuke has a chance at his company, but he wants to work overseas. For only being two volumes, the story and the characters are well developed. Although there are some serious moments, it is not overdone, and Yosuke and Arimura look at their words like adults. It can be a short process since the game Sayonara is a world-changing event that shows how a couple comes together. In addition, it has a series, Love Nest, which follows Hozumi in her life.

8 Connection

The manga follows four different couples in their stories. Akiha and Yahiko are in a friendly and beneficial relationship, but the former are not sure what to think about their relationship. Sado and Nakajo always argue that some may think that they have become a couple, but they are not. Nakajo didn’t think they could be together but he was still close to Sado. Sekiya is a socially awkward man who finds himself the center of attention for Shibata, a man who stalks him at every opportunity. Then there are Kameda and Ogikawa, who team up with a stray cat Ogikawa found on the road. The manga is only one volume, and it’s a bit confusing to deal with the four couples, but it’s a good read. The anime adaptation will be fun to watch because it’s four different couples with different back stories. Also, the anime can improve the structure of the story a bit and make it easier to follow the story.

7 Glass disease

Manga is a bit more dramatic. Glass Syndrome is about high school student Nijou, who seems to be perfect in everything he does. He is the topper of the class, amazing at sports and popular in school. His teacher told him to watch his classmate Toomi, a student who had been absent recently. It turns out that Toomi has a secret that explains why she is missing, but that secret could destroy her life for good when it comes out. Nijou has discovered his secret and has to decide whether or not to meet Toomi for it.

This manga has a lot of emotional baggage between Nijou and Toomi, but for different purposes. Toomi is very insecure and is afraid that others will reject her if she is not perfect, so she always tries to save her face. Toomi, on the other hand, is worried about her family’s financial situation. The only time they can be themselves is around each other. A Review of BL Manhwa “Intense” by Kyungha Yi

6 Our dining table

The manga is suitable for anyone who wants to read a beautiful biography. Yutaka is a salaryman who has cooking skills, but he finds it difficult to eat around people at the dining table due to a past injury. One day, he meets two brothers, Minoru and Tane, when Tane eats one of the homemade rice balls. They asked Yutaka if he would help them prepare the food, and he agreed, making sure to share the food with them.
The relationship between Yutaka and Minoru is a slow fire, but it’s not painful or boring to watch as it happens. The two men have had different lives and are facing their own challenges, but seeing them work through them and understand their feelings for each other makes this a great story. It will make a great anime and make the viewers have something fun and good to watch. In addition, Tane is beautiful and beautiful; it would be a crime not to notice his fear.

5 I can’t reach you

for a long time, but many of their peers did not understand why. Both are complete opposites. Kakeru is more outgoing and friendly, while Yamato is quiet and almost silent when talking to others. When Kakeru sees a girl talking to Yamato, he thinks that his best friend will get a girlfriend. However, Kakeru realizes that the thought is bothering him and tries to find out why.

The following type of story often sees the trope of best friends who love each other, but it takes time to build. Yamato already knows that he loves Kakeru and admits when asked who he loves. Meanwhile, Kakeru is feeling his anxiety, wondering if getting into a romantic relationship is worth risking their lifelong friendship. Seeing this made into an anime will be a fun watch and give viewers more love.

4 Toritan: Bird of a feather

A manga with funny moments around birds. Inusaki is a researcher, and is known as a handyman who works poorly for his area. But there is one thing that bothers Inusaki: he can understand and talk to birds. However, there is a bird, which he calls Kuro, that reminds him of his owner’s son, Mitsuru. It seems Mitsuru has a secret of his own, but it’s not what Inusaki thinks. The story is filled with dramatic conversations between Inusaki and the innocent bird, as well as quiet, sweet moments between him and Mitsuki. Their relationship doesn’t go fast or fast, but it still has a nice development that will be nice to see on screen.

3 My love crisis

The manga has a funny love triangle. Aoki is Hashimoto’s favorite student. When he borrows his cleaner, he is heartbroken to see his classmate Ida (a student) with him. Ida just happens to notice the wipes on Aoki’s desk and thinks that Aoki has feelings for her. From there, a series of dramatic misunderstandings fuel the relationship between Aoki and Ida.

Love triangles are common, but few are as funny as this one. The love triangle between the three students resolves quickly instead of continuing to frustrate for a long time. Having a story that takes a different approach to the love triangle will be refreshing to watch. It is a love story with slice-of-life and funny moments that will keep the viewers watching 카지노사이트.

2 Two Lions

A manga where classmates discover each other. Junpei Shishido is a newcomer who is friendly and affectionate to everyone he meets. One day, he meets Leo Onizuka, a lonely and well-intentioned man. When Leo loses him, Junpei finds out that he went to the same high school as Leo, and that Leo is a gang leader. Junpei offers to be his friend despite these rumours, and Leo slowly begins to open up to him. It’s a beautiful story that draws opposites, but it’s really worth reading. Leo is not only a man with an angry face, he also wants to make friends, but many people are afraid of him. Junpei is more than happy to befriend him and realizes that his feelings are becoming more than friendship. Where is the Line That Separates Journalism From Politics?

1 I can hear the sun dying

Manga has such a sweet relationship, it deserves to be made into a movie. Kouhei has a very difficult life because of his hearing loss, so he avoids people. Another is Taichi, a loud and boisterous person who makes friends with everyone but is misunderstood because of his loud voice. The two meet and start a friendship that slowly grows as Kouhei learns to open up to someone who doesn’t care about his disability while Taichi helps and inspires him to be more happy in his life.

These two characters have many levels, and fans can relate to them about their personalities and hobbies. The story is strong and the romance builds slowly, it might feel like a bromance to you, but it’s still good to see it develop. It’s also rare to have a character with a disability and it’s rare to see one in BL manga. Turning this manga into an anime would add to the small pool of disabled characters and it would be a great step into the anime world.

A Review of BL Manhwa “Intense” by Kyungha Yi

Why do I want to study? The art and writing are the main things that catch my eye. When I saw Kyungha Yi’s power in Kinokuniya, I immediately bought four volumes. Volume 1, Night on the Long Red Road. Kyungha Yi’s power begins with suicide. We have such criminals that the young man now has to bear the burden of his father’s debt. Kyungha’s art is impressive.

Now, eight years later, we meet Jiwoon as he enters the red-light district of Seoul. Jiwoon is a Hitman, with dark hair and beautiful clothes. The silent and deadly moniker suits him well. The Red Light District is full of the usual suspects, women, girls and of course muscle.

Jiwoon is positioned as his successor, and he meets the ordinary Soohan. Soohan takes care of the women while they work. He doesn’t speak, but all the women compliment him, and the new Jiwoon is a threat to him. When these characters do not speak, we can assume that something disturbing has happened.
The director gives the land to Jiwoon. His job is very simple and we get information about the power struggle happening in the organization. During this transition, there is an expression of Jiwoon’s interest…

As Jiwoon waits and enjoys his cigarette, he sees a guard beating Soohan. A beautiful blonde woman (Miyoung) tries to protect Soohan, she deliberately tries to please him. Eventually the fight ends with Soohan lying on the side of the road. Jiwoon’s reaction was not what I expected, and it was awesome! Soohan is surprised by Jiwoon’s unexpected efforts and runs away. 카지노사이트

During this encounter, there is a painful flashback and we get a glimpse of the daily hell that Jiwoon went through in his childhood. Jiwoon dreams of a wife, maybe his mother. He is facing existential crisis. The life he’s living now doesn’t have a successful retirement plan, so what does it mean? The duo had breakfast with Jiwoon and failed miserably while trying to bring up the previous night’s encounter. Hyeshin (Madame Park) and Jiwoon are chatting as they both go to work. He explains Soohan’s past and why he stayed in the red light district. While walking, they saw a movie with Miyoung and Soohan. Jiwoon questions their relationship with Hyeshin and sets the record straight. Many women love Soohan, but he is not interested.

After that, we were brought to the office where the guards and the director discussed Jiwoon’s past activities with interest. As they talk, Soohan listens intently. As Hyeshin told Jiwoon earlier, Soohan can hear clearly. In this part of the story, I really liked how calculated the manager wrote his questions and comments to Jiwoon. While Jiwoon and Soohan were outside digging, he came over and had a little question about Jiwoon. Yoonshik, the boss who took in Jiwoon after his father’s suicide. Yoonshik transferred the father’s debt to Jiwoon.


This conversation was supposed to provoke a response, but it led to more soul-searching on Jiwoon’s part. Who still thinks about Yoonshik’s question to him: “What did I take from you?” What does his father’s death mean to him? Running, Jiwoon goes up to the roof and sees Soohan. My favorite voice moment happens during this fast trading period. Jiwoon explained why he tried to kiss her and wanted to kiss her again. He doesn’t kiss her and leave. Soohan’s expression was very revealing, he blushed looking at them. Popular Boys’ Love Manhwa That Live Up to the Hype

Instant attraction is difficult to transmit. Jiwoon and Soohan’s initial attraction was likely due to the fact that they were very similar in their life experiences. You can smell someone who looks like you. Jiwoon’s heart races and he remembers the other time he spent with Yoonshik.

Jiwoon has felt this before and his heart hurts. As the voice gets closer, a few important conversations take place. Miyoung and Soohan have a quick chat and she confesses that she thinks Jiwoon is awesome. He was heartbroken, and he knew he didn’t love her very much. After that, the guys in the office talk about Miyoung and how the other girls like Soohan because he’s pretty. Jiwon said anything.

Jipon walks and sees Miyoung with trouble to repair a tail and decide to give help. He is watching the competition and Soohan comes to help them. Jiwoon asks Soohan if he will marry Miyoung leaving the red light district. Soohan looks at him confused.

The manager got an interesting call about Jiwoon. They have another awkward exchange and it immediately leads to Jiwoon confronting Soohan.

Jiwoon wants to know why she doesn’t like him, and he wants to know what he did. She clears all her mess and Soohan finds out everything. Jiwoon remembers his father and his cruel behavior. Soohan held her hand and s

Popular Boys’ Love Manhwa That Live Up to the Hype

The boy romance (BL) genre has exploded in popularity in recent years, with many new shows and series from various written and graphic media. Undoubtedly the most famous Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation franchise, the love of men has found a place not only in the anime area, but also in the media. There is no better show than the Netflix adaptation of Heartstopper, which recently started expanding its show to show the great power of people.

A lot of romantic manhwa have become popular in the past few years, so it makes sense that some are too extreme or don’t fit in. what their minds show. The following manhwa series provides stories that are consistent with reality.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter: an Example of School Love

Since his parents died in an accident when he was seven years old, Haebom lives under the same roof as his childhood best friend, Taesung. However, they gradually separated. Feeling guilty that he might steal something from Taesung while he was delivering to his house, Haebom tried to keep his head down as much as possible. That is, until they were placed in the same class in the twelfth grade. Forced to finally face each other, will their relationship finally heal and maybe become something else? The dynamic between Haebom and Taesung is very good, and the way their relationship progresses is also very natural. Nothing seems out of place and the problems they face are very reasonable in relation to their situation. A big part of the reason why Cherry Blossoms After Winter has grown in popularity is precisely because of how realistic it is. It was recently adapted into a Korean movie of the same name which also received critical acclaim. Fans of a more relaxed read without a lot of drama will enjoy Cherry Blossoms After Winter.

Semantic Error: The Battle Between the Brain and the Heart

Computer scientist Chu Sangwoo can be a logical and consistent person. When he decided to remove the name of the freeloading team from one project, he never thought that he would face Jae Chaewoo in the Planning Department. Jae Chaewoo, who is friendly, handsome and smart, couldn’t be more different from Sangwoo. What will happen when these two opposites are forced to work together?

Semantic Error has become a household name in the boy-loving world of manhwas, and recent dramatic moves have boosted its popularity. Much of the story centers around Chu Sangwoo trying to come to terms with his feelings and often overanalyzing them. It’s certainly a departure from the usual trope of the couple getting together immediately after realizing their feelings for each other, and it showcases their polarizing personalities very well.

Love Shuttle: Embarrassing Situations Lead to Love?


Despite being muscular and stocky, Love Shuttle Doyun’s supporter is still a solid half-Omega in his prime who has never been in heat. It is truly an example of flowering. Either way, he doesn’t cause any problems in his daily life as everyone thinks he’s an Alpha based on his body. Doyun almost forgot about it – until his body decided that it was finally time at the wrong time. Lucky or not, he only has his enemy at work, Taehan, to turn to for help. Set in an ABO setting where everyone has a second gender apart from the sex they were assigned at birth, relationships can be varied and complex. The dynamic between Doyun and Taehan starts out as awkward and awkward, but slowly develops into something incredible and respectful and positive – which is something that is always acceptable to see in a situation that can be abused for its nature.