Which College Football Games Are Worth Watching? We’ve Sorted Them Out Visually

College Football

Football season is upon us, college football fans. Over the next three weekends, 41 games will be played in the Premier League. In fact, only two of them include teams that expect to play 42 games a week later that will decide the national champion, but the others will have their time.

Obviously, you will want a game related to the school that you root for, but you may be wondering which other games feature the best games. Naturally, with so many 41 dishes, some will be better than others. Only a dedicated football fan will be able to catch them all, but the average fan will no doubt have other commitments during the off-season and will have to choose which games to watch. worthy of attention. We are here to help you.

Before getting into the exercise, a few words of explanation. This ranking is arbitrary, based solely on our own opinions about the quality of the teams and how they match up – or maybe don’t match up. Inevitably, some of these games will be more interesting than their inclusion in the list, while others we believe have great fun will fail. This is, after all, the season of transfer and exit doors, and the educational carousel has already started spinning. In many cases, we will not get the team we thought we would get into the arena.

41. National Bowl: Iowa vs. Kentucky, December 11 31, noon, ABC

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They may want to go straight to the penalty shootout to decide the contest which may have more points than points. Iowa football has been elusive all season, and the Wildcats’ aggressive players won’t be there. The good news is that it happens at the same time as the Sugar Bowl, so there should be a good selection. The Sports Industry is Broken; Let’s Bet on Change

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40. Arizona Bowl: Ohio vs. Wyoming, December 30, 4:30 p.m.

This game is only available on streaming platforms, so unless you’re a dedicated Bobcats or Cowboys fan, you probably won’t need it. MWC champion Fresno State shut out Wyoming in their last outing, and Ohio couldn’t do much offensively without their starting QB in the MAC title game against Toledo.

39. Turn on the Color Tree: Southern Miss vs. Rice, December. 5:45 p.m., ESPN

It’s hard to get excited about seeing a 5-7 team in the bowl, but the Owls will do their best to put on a strong showing against the USA Congressional contender. The Golden Eagles had an early upset against Tulane but went 1-3 in November to end their first run in the Sun Belt. 38. Camellia Bowl: Georgia Southern vs. Buffalo, December 27, noon, ESPN
Well, we’ll
 admit that we can bet that the recent MAC bowl was a loss against him, but the Bulls needing to beat lowly Akron to qualify doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. However, Georgia Southern has been involved in a lot of close games, so this could be a surprise.

37. Frisco Bowl: Boise State vs. North Texas, Disemba 21. 5, 9:15 p.m., ESPN

In theory, this meeting of teams playing for their conference title would be high. But North Texas just pulled the plug on their coach, and the Broncos, despite a lackluster season, are from the conference’s toughest and should still have great talent.

Myrtle Beach Bowl: Marshall contre. Connecticut, December 19, 2:30 p.m., ESPN
It’s not like these teams aren’t excited to be in the bowl. There is no major crime of any kind. It may be close, but it’s not fun. 35. Independence Bowl: Houston vs. Louisiana-Lafayette, December 23, 3 p.m., ESPN 에볼루션게이밍
The Cougars have had their share of close games, some of them maybe not. But the Ragin’ Cajuns aren’t quite as good this year as teams of recent vintage.

Odds: Oklahoma State vs. Wisconsin, December 12 27, 10:15 p.m., ESPN

The late season in the combination of the two groups and the change makes it uncertain. The Cowboys stumbled with QB Spencer Sanders on the sidelines, and the Badgers, like many of their Big Ten West brethren, weren’t lighting up the scoring. 33. Bahamas Bowl : Miami (Ohio) vs. Alabama-Birmingham, December 16, 11:30 a.m., ESPN
This is the first dish to start with, so here you go. It’s unclear what to expect from UAB following the announcement that interim head coach Bryant Vincent will replace Trent Dilfer, but the Blazers should still have significant upside in talent.

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