Taylor Swift’s Cat Olivia Benson is Richer Than Us

taylor swift’s cat olivia benson is reportedly worth $97 million.

Unless you’re one of the world’s microscopic number of wealthy people, Taylor Swift’s cat has more money than you do – and it’s not even close. In a recent All About Cats article, Olivia Benson, the 33-year-old pop star, was ranked as the third richest pet in the world, with an estimated net worth of $97 million. The ranking was created based on Instagram research, and many friends who are making money and profiting from climbing the economic ladder through fame and social media. For A-list animals like Olivia, however, participation in other projects has been considered. “Olivia has found success outside of the Instagram influencer world,” the listing reads. “The Scottish gardener made his fortune by starring in several music videos with his owner, creating 카지노사이트 his own line of merchandise, and appearing in several budget advertisements.”

In fact, Olivia – named, of course, after Mariska Hargitay’s popular Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character – starred alongside Swift in commercials for DirectTV, Diet Coke and AT&T, and music videos for ” Me!” and “Space”. Those who attended the ‘All Too Well’ singer’s world tour in 2015 may also remember that the kitty appeared alongside her big sister Meredith, Swift’s first cat, in the intermission video released during the concert. However, Meredith did not do everything about the cat’s richest animal, or Benjamin, the third cat that Swift recently acquired, who also made an appearance in “I!” Music sheet.


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Olivia has more than just one German shepherd named Gunther VI, who is worth around $500 million, and a famous Instagram cat named Nala, who is worth $100 million. He won Oprah’s five dogs, Karl Lagerfeld’s late cat Choupette and Betty White’s Pontiac puppy.

See pictures of Taylor Swift’s highest paid cat, Olivia Benson, below:

Olivia Benson is a Shoe Model


It’s official: Olivia Benson Swift is living our dreams. She lives with Taylor Swift, which means she knows about private listening parties, cookie baking, Fourth of July gossip and Swift’s high-profile friends. Named after Law & Order: S.V.U. character, giving him the world’s most organic conversation starter should he ever meet Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, or any of their cohorts. He won’t set foot on the ugly streets of New York because Swift is carrying him. And as of today, Olivia Benson Swift – the snow-white cat that stole our imagination – is a model.

Keds has released a new ad for Taylor Swift’s collection in the footwear industry, which features Olivia Benson Swift as the face of a new sneaker model called “Sneaky Cat.” In the photo above, notice how Olivia Benson Swift is rocking her head in black shoes, which is a tribute to her latest album. Of Ked:

The Sneaky Cat [is a] purrfectly adorable update to the brand’s iconic Champion silhouette created specifically to celebrate Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989. The versatile black and gold lace-ups feature a curious kitty peeking over the sole of each shoe while the sneaker’s heel showcases Swift’s birthday—12-13-89—in gold script!

If Karl Lagerfeld’s Siamese cat Choupette is the feline star of the high fashion world, Olivia Benson Swift may soon become her partner in the realm of affordable shoes.

At this time, it’s not known if Swift’s other cat, Meredith Gray, has auditioned for a high-profile modeling role. If so, our condolences go out to him.