BL Releases This Ber Months of 2022

In countries where it is hot and humid for many years, the beginning of the month “Ber” indicates the beginning of cold weather, even in the evening. There is a quick rain from time to time, and although this can make the road heavier than before, it makes for better sleep. At this time of year, the air is refreshing and enough to blow our hair out.

The tab below lists the release years for the English version of BL manga in the United States. Please note that all dates are subject to change, dates beyond 4 months are less likely.

For titles with both digital and physical releases, the difference between the digital and physical release dates has not been shown, if applicable. NEW for 2022: The BL name actually advertised as BL in Japan will remain in plain text. Italics will indicate non-BL titles with male characters 카지노사이트. * These manga are published in various ways in shoujo, shounen and seinen magazines in Japan or are classified in other ways such as such or geikomi. **All manga are commercial unless otherwise stated. Non-manga BL titles will be listed, including manhwa, danmei and light novels. Non-manga, non-BL titles with male characters will be the ones to be tagged.

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September 2022

  • The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame vol 2 by Gengoroh Tagame (Fantagraphics, 9/6/22)
  • Jealousy vol 5 by Scarlet Beriko (SuBLime, 9/13/22)
  • Love Nest vol 1 by Yuu Minaduki (SuBLime, 9/13/22)
  • Deadlock vol 3 by Saki Aida and Yuh Takashina (June, 9/13/22)
  • The (Pet) Detective Agency by noji (Kuma, 9/20/22)
  • Anti-Romance vol 1 Special Edition by Shoko Hidaka (Seven Seas, 9/20/22)
  • Monotone Blue by Nagabe (Seven Seas, 9/20/22)
  • Heaven Official’s Blessing vol 4 by MXTX (danmei, Seven Seas, 9/20/22)
  • Fangs vol 2 by Billy Balibally (Tokyopop, 9/27/22)
  • On or Off vol 1 by A1 (manhwa, Tokyopop, 9/27/22)
  • Love is an Illusion vol 1 by Fargo (manhwa, Seven Seas, 9/27/22)
  • Crossplay Love: Otaku x Punk vol 1 by Tooru (Seven Seas, 9/27/22)

October 2022

  • 10 Dance vol 7 by Inouesatoh (Kodansha, 10/4/22)
  • My Love Mix-Up vol 5 by Wataru Hinekure and Aruko (Shojo Beat, 10/4/22)
  • Black or White vol 5 by Sachimo (SuBLime, 10/11/22)
  • Moon & Sun vol 2 by Akane Abe (SuBLime, 10/11/22)
  • Ore Miko by Sakira (June, 10/11/22)
  • Hyperventilation by Bboong Bbang Kkyu (manhwa, Tokyopop, 10/11/22)
  • Canis: Dear Hatter vol 2 by ZAKK (Kuma, 10/18/22)
  • Happy of the End vol 1 by Ogeretsu Tanaka (Kuma, 10/18/22)
  • The Titan’s Bride vol 1 by ITKZ (Seven Seas, 10/18/22)
  • Hirano and Kagiura vol 1 by Shou Harusono (Yen Press, 10/18/22)
  • The Husky and His White Cat Shizun vol 1 by Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou (danmei, Seven Seas, 10/25/22)

November 2022

  • The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System vol 4 by MXTX (danmei, Seven Seas, 11/1/22) – Special Edition and B&N exclusive edition also available
  • Love Nest vol 2 by Yuu Minaduki (SuBLime, 11/8/22)
  • Punch Up! vol 7 by Shuiko Kano (SuBLime 11/8/22)
  • I Think Our Son is Gay vol 4 by Okura (Square Enix, 11/8/22)
  • Canis: Dear Mr Rain by ZAKK (Kuma, 11/15/22) – Reissue with new cover and content
  • Golden Terrace vols 1 and 2 by Cang Wu Bin Bai (danmei, Peach Flower House, 11/15/22)
  • I Cannot Reach You vol 5 by Mika (Yen Press,11/22/22)
  • Seaside Stranger vol 5: Harukaze no Etranger by Kii Kanna (Seven Seas, 11/22/22)
  • Killing Stalking vol 2 by Koogi (manhwa, Seven Seas, 11/22/22)
  • Crossplay Love: Otaku x Punk vol 2 by Tooru (Seven Seas, 11/22/22)
  • Classmates vol 6: blanc by Asumiko Nakamura (Seven Seas, 11/29/22)

December 2022

  • Loved Circus by Nemui Asada (Tokyopop, 12/6/22)
  • Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation vol 1 by MXTX and Luo Di Cheng Qiu (manhua, Seven Seas, 12/6/22)
  • Love is an Illusion vol 2 by Fargo (manhwa, Seven Seas, 12/6/22)
  • Coyote vol 4 by Ranmaru Zariya (SuBLime, 12/13/22)
  • Midnight Rain by CTK (SuBLime, 12/13/22)
  • A Home Far Away by Teki Yatsuda (Kuma, 12/13/22)
  • The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation vol 4 by MXTX (danmei, Seven Seas, 12/13/22)
  • Entangled with You: the Garden of 100 Grasses by Aki Aoi (Seven Seas, 12/20/22)
  • Heaven Official’s Blessing vol 5 by MXTX (danmei, Seven Seas, 12/20/22)
  • On or Off vol 2 by A1 (manhwa, Tokyopop, 12/20/22)
  • What Did You Eat Yesterday? vol 19 by Fumi Yoshinaga (Kodansha, 12/20/22)