Lee Sun-Kyun Entertains Us In K-Drama ‘Payback: Money And Power’

Lee Sun-kyun is a constantly engaging actor best known for his roles as the cruel wealthy father in the Academy Award-winning film Parasite and as a caring engineer in the Korean drama My Mister. His performance as Eun-yong in the drama Payback: Money and Power is no different.

Whether he’s smashing heads with a truncheon, galloping horses across the steppes, or boarding a luxurious private plane, Eun-yong commands the screen. The protagonist is weak and ruthless, gentle with tiny children, devoted, yet occasionally brutal. Despite his frequently heinous behavior, viewers will most likely root for this character to succeed, whether in business or in revenge.

When Eun-yong, played as a younger man by Yoon Jung-il, is released from prison in 1990, he is unsure what to do. He has few legitimate options because he lacks both money and knowledge. So, in order to support his sister and small nephew, he intimidates individuals for a thug and then manages money for a loan shark. “You’re nothing without money,” the loan shark warns him, and Eun-yong believes him.

Working with the loan shark allows him to support his sister and provide for the schooling of his nephew. Eun-yong has a talent for numbers and quickly learns how to create his own money, establishing a profitable financial business before traveling to Mongolia and spending his time buying land.

Kang You-seok plays his nephew Jang Tae-chun, who grows up to become an ambitious prosecutor. When Tae-chun receives a tip to investigate the loan shark who previously employed his uncle, his crooked superiors appear uninterested in investigating the issue. Despite this, Eun-yong decides to leave his idyllic life in Mongolia and return to Korea. Park Joon-kyung, played by Moon Chae-won in the 2020 smash drama Flower Of Evil, is the anonymous tipper.

Eun-yong and Joon-kyung are so close that they consider each other family. When Joon-mother Kyung dies mysteriously, Eun-yong assumes his former boss is to blame.

Kim Won-suk, who also penned Descendants of the Sun and The Queen’s Classroom, wrote the screenplay for the drama. The plot cleverly bounces back and forth in time to give new and often startling viewpoints on the individuals and their interactions. Park Hoon, Kim Hong-fa, and Kim Hye-hwa are featured in the cast. The SBS drama, directed by Lee Won-tae, is available on Amazon Prime in the United States.

“Payback,” a new SBS series starring actors Lee Sun-kyun and Moon Chae-won, is a fast-paced, action-packed good-vs.-evil thriller.

“‘Payback’ is about a revenge story of (characters) fighting against the evils in this world,” said series director Lee Won-tae during the series’ online press conference on Friday.

“The series’ main theme is the corruption and unfairness visible in society and human ambition. When I first saw the script, I was struck by how lively the tale was. It depicts several characters dealing with money and power in various ways. But, most significantly, I believed we could send 바카라사이트 a message that justice can triumph, so I resolved to lead it “Lee stated.

The director, who previously directed the thriller film “The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil” (2019), makes his series debut, telling the story of a private equity firm owner, Eun Yong (Lee Sun-kyun), and a military judicial officer, Park Joon-kyung (Moon), who are up against a dark, powerful financial cartel.

The first episode, which aired on Friday, depicted Yong’s background and how he came to amass his fortune while living a nomadic life in Mongolia. Yong was a bright young man who ended up in a juvenile detention institution as an adolescent after attempting to rob a bank. He became a member of Joon-family kyung’s after meeting Joon-mother, kyung’s who treated him like her own son.

To get out of the loan shark company with its domineering boss, Yong flees to Mongolia, where he runs a private equity firm remotely in order to amass tremendous money. When Joon-kyung requests his assistance in uncovering the truth behind the interwoven corruption that led to her mother’s suicide and exacting revenge, Yong returns to Korea.

Differences Between Korean Dramas and Chinese Dramas

Korean drama has taken the world by storm, and along with them they have also brought with them Korean culture, and now there has been talking and trend of the Korean storm. Not only Korean dramas, but there are also Chinese dramas, and along with them there is also Japanese drama. Now, with so much entertainment, and so many different movies to watch, there are so many opinions about this.

Now we will tell you about the difference between Korean movies and Chinese movies. Besides language differences, if you are interested, Korean and Chinese dramas have quite big differences, from the culture they bought with them, their cinematography, their plot tendencies, and many more. Therefore, you will know more about Chinese and Korean dramas.

Chinese Dramas vs. Korean Dramas

Want to know which is the most interesting Chinese drama to watch? Tired of the usual Chinese or Korean TV series? You can check them on the website or app. There are many websites and apps that you can find, which show all kinds of Chinese or Korean dramas. If you’re looking for the best Chinese movies to watch, be sure to check out the Chinese movie reviews and recommendations at Cnovelholic.com. Here, we give you an honest opinion on Chinese movies and movie reviews. So, here are the differences between Chinese and Korean movies and the reasons for their popularity:


In fact, the main difference between Chinese and Korean dramas is their language. Chinese people use Chinese and Mandarin, while Koreans use the Korean language. The Chinese language has more speakers than the Korean language, however, the Korean language now has popular learners, as K-Pop and Korean dramas are popular today.

Focus and Cinematography

Korean dramas emphasize and focus on acting, chemistry between actor and character, music and OST, while Chinese dramas focus and emphasize on its story. , character development and personal history. Some may like Korean dramas more, while others consider and prefer Chinese dramas more. it’s all about personal preference anyway.

Episode Counts

Chinese dramas have more episodes each compared to Korean dramas for each season. Chinese TV series have more than 30 minutes, whereas Korean TV series usually have more than 30. Some may say, it’s good because we can enjoy the series, but some think it’s just dragging the story too much.

Korean dramas consist of 12 – 18 episodes, and each short episode is usually only 12 minutes long, while a long episode will be 24 minutes long. In general, people often watch Korean dramas, especially TV series.


Chinese dramas usually lack chemistry between each of its characters, while Korean dramas seem to be more focused and focused on character chemistry. Chinese drama tends to focus on character development and story progression 카지노사이트 주소, while Korean drama tends to slow down with its character drama.

On the other hand, there are a lot of senior Chinese actors and actresses, but like in Korean drama, you usually see a lot more younger actors and actresses, these are just speculations and speculations. opinions. Korean dramas are popular for younger audiences, as they emphasize character development.

The preferred genres for Korean dramas are exploration, thrillers and side-lives, while Chinese dramas tend to focus on fairy tales. If you understand the difference between Chinese and Korean dramas, you can decide which one to watch. It depends on your preference. You can also watch it both if you like, depend on your mood. But remember, don’t forget to do your real life activities. Therefore, you will have a balanced life.

Technical Differences

Below, I give my opinion on the main characteristics and differences between Korean and Chinese films; This is followed by k-drama and c-drama, respectively. Please keep in mind that this is not a complete story about the major differences between the two types of films.


K-dramas are known and praised for their high production values. The company has an effective strategy to attract investors who are willing to support and promote the project. In addition, the South Korean government strongly supports the “Hallyu wave”. Through the use of “soft power”, South Korea aims to create international cultural media by promoting Korean culture abroad through entertainment (especially music, movies and drama), tourism and culture. pop in general. K-dramas explore different genres: action, fantasy, history, science fiction, etc., compared to the Asian drama world as a whole, they do well in thriller, action, psychology and, of course, a kind of love.

K-drama often relies on experts and well-known writers, as opposed to adapting a novel, which is the main difficulty for drama in terms of narrative integration. The stories are well written and are, for the most part, plotless. Additionally, there is often a good balance between dialogue and action scenes. Their characters and stories are very 바카라사이트 interesting. They manage to convey their thoughts and feelings to such an extent that the viewer cannot help but immerse themselves completely in the story. The main characters often have a strong moral compass, but when they don’t, we see either a coming-of-age story or a revenge drama dominated by the idea of ​​righteousness.

In today’s k-drama, female characters are very feminine, but strong and independent. In the historical genre, on the other hand (although they have a great influence on the character of the man and his decision), the women end up having little influence at the end of the story. Some exceptions to the rule are dramas like “Empress Ki” or “Queen Seon Deok.” The importance of social context in k-dramas. This is often the determining factor in the relationship in the story. Similarly, there is a respect for old age, whether related to work or related to age.

When it comes to romance, most dramas follow a similar pattern: love isn’t just a chemical response to stimulation; it is deeply rooted in the essence of being human. The best half is when it is destined and usually coincides with first love.


C-dramas have been produced in the last few years, but what they have in common is the historical and fantasy genre. There are some very good modern c-dramas such as the crime drama “Love me if you have to shake” or the romance “My Sunshine” but, in general, unfortunately they Not competing for the best k-drama of the same genre. When it comes to historical and fantasy genres, however, c-dramas can’t be beat! Dramas like “Ten Miles of Peach Blossom”, “Ashes of Love” or “Princess Agents” dominate more than anything from Asia in these genres. One of the reasons why c-dramas are so easy to create than historical or fantasy films is because the government doesn’t censor the genre.

The cinematography of c-dramas is simply amazing. In addition, a lot of attention is paid to the design, fashion and battlefield. when the romance of the region is very evident.

Often times, the secondary story is not just filler, but rather falls into the main story arc. Their stories are very interesting, sometimes more than the news. However, this can become negative if not done properly. C-dramas are often based on novels; this gives them a variety of topics and a fresher feel than their counterparts in Korea. But, on the other hand, this story is often inconsistent and can distract attention from the main characters to the second in an endless loop (such as the ashes of love).

There is a difference between a modern female character and a historical c-drama. In historical and fantasy c-dramas, almost without exception, the female character is strong and independent. Often he is a leader, a military commander, or leading an army into battle. However, he relies on his male stage to achieve their goals, whether they are kings, commoners, or powerful people.

On the other side of the coin, however, in contemporary films, female behavior is often empty, volatile and exaggerated (eg: My Little Princess, I can’t hug you). Fortunately, there is something different in dramas like “My Sunshine” or “Ngotiator”.

The Glory Review: the Beautiful Song Hye-kyo in This Disturbing Revenge Drama

High school bullying and its terrifying consequences are often heartbreaking and frightening in Korean dramas. While it serves as a bleak piece of history, it also offers great insight into bullying in high school and how it pulls people over the edge — if my ID is Gangnam Beauty where a girl is so desperate for her looks that she gets plastic surgery, or we’re all dead watching gangs of bullies have free reign in ‘school and taking a girl to kill herself. Often times, victims go on a journey of forgiveness, eventually making peace and allowing the universe to deal with their abusers. However, Song Hye-kyo in her new revenge drama, The Glory is not a messenger for peace. He wants to take revenge quietly and not allow his oppressors (those who oppress them like words they enjoy) to have a moment of comfort 카지노사이트.

Song Hye-kyo has not received justice in her new series of shows, although they are among the highest-rated series in South Korea, such as The Gathering and the melodramatic Descendants of the Sun. There hasn’t been much to say about her character or she’s been completely spared by the efforts of her handsome male co-star. Although Ebube, he takes the opportunity to completely immerse himself in the character of someone who finds a way out of the abyss. It’s one of his best performances, if not his best, as Song seems to relish twisted revenge dramas like this one. His sarcastic words, a fierce praise for his one-time abuser, and a calm heart to match behind the near-perfect score are what carry the show. , even when it sometimes falls flat. Glory is a brutal and bloody film from the first eight minutes showing that there is no room for redemption, forgiveness or peace.

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The old proverb is true: “When you embark on a journey of revenge, begin by digging two graves, one for your enemy and one for yourself.” Moon Song Hye-kyo Dong-eun is dead inside as she says – the only thing keeping her alive is her thirst for revenge. He was punished, tortured and sexually assaulted by a group of rich children at school in the District made completely graphic to watch the rational mind should be advised. He destroys, and the fact that he becomes the first teacher of the girl ordered to torture is not a coincidence; he has been plotting well for a long time. You can see the desire for destruction that consumes him, especially in that terrible smile – he has not given up on murderous thoughts.

He watches his wife Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) celebrate her wedding and get the life she always wanted, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Song Hye-kyo portrays a strangely tragic side as she meets those who have left her behind – she enjoys her moments as they are distraught and trying to understand what her plan is. . But nothing is given to them or us as an audience easily, Glory is a quick fire of a revenge movie that can be stretched and invented at the core. The early episodes set up the stories and establish the characters – there’s no room for any sort of nuance and complexity in the antagonists; they are downright macabre. While it’s understandable that the show’s runners want to leave no wiggle room to justify themselves when it comes to them, their dialogue is oddly nasty at times, which kind of detracts from the effect.

The show could have done better without revealing too much moving Moon Dong-eun’s mental state and letting the audience see his gestures, his words, because that was too much. There are other chunky subplots in between, and hopefully they all fall into place to look more seamless in the part that arrives in March of this year. Although Song Hye-kyo’s performance in The Glory sometimes raises the alarming story, the cinematography and the terrible music also play the saviors, creating a show that is interesting and captivating, but it if it is good.

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There are sweet moments sprinkled throughout, as it promises to be the stuff of romance. However, the male lead, played by Lee Do-Hyun, has promised to be by her side in the dark. Glory is not an easy watch at all, especially because of its brutal casino places around the world depiction of oppression, it shows the terrible effects of oppression, suffering and how it cruelly oppresses the human soul. It’s a shocking insight into the abyss one can reach.

Start the Year With a New K-8 Film in January 2023

As we head into the year 2023, it looks like we’re going to start the year with a lot of adult movies. Or the legal love series Can we be guests?, which talks about work, love relationships and divorce of the 30s and 40s, the hot movie industry working or teaching Crash Crash and Romance, where a former student player returns to school as a student in the middle of the year, January wants to be a refuge for K-game fans looking for themes and settings that are mature. Looking for a dose of gritty realism?

Look no further than the revenge thriller Payback, directed by Parasite star Lee Sun-kyun. Mystery buffs can also enjoy the time travel series that rushes into you, while brain collaboration puts the fun in the genre as a ragtag group of different ‘brains’ come together to solve crime cases 카지노.

Those still interested in the classic K-drama romance needn’t worry, however, as the Kim Min-jae Poong-directed historical drama The Joseon Psychiatrist will return for its second season this season , a medical period drama that will touch. love shines between its leaders as they heal the hearts of their patients. The much-anticipated Kokdu: Time of Gods will also hit the small screen in January, which sees the jaded reaper fall in love with a human doctor in time. a dying visit.

Without further ado, here are eight new must-watch K-dramas to watch in January 2023.

Brain Cooperation

The upcoming mystery comedy Brain Cooperation stars singer Jung Yong-hwa as Shin Ha-ru, a neuroscientist with a dark background. Although Ha-ru has an “extraordinary brain”, she lacks social skills, which often causes her to clash with others. His polar opposite is Detective Geum Myung-se (Cha Tae-hyun), who focuses on the needs of others. Having an “aggressive brain”, the researcher ends up neglecting his own needs.

The conflict between the two men leads them to find each other unbearable, but a complex criminal case forces them to combine their wits and skills to solve it. Along the way, they are joined by “worrier” Seol So-jung (Kwak Sun-Young), who has trouble handling high-pressure situations, and Myung-se’s ex-wife Kim Mo. -ran (Ye Ji-won) . , whose “sexual brain” makes his libido very high, and also makes him feel passionate and emotional. Brainstorming starts airing on KBS2 from January 2. It will also be available for streaming on Viu.

Run Into You

In Run Into You, Kim Dong-wook (You Are My Spring) and Jin Ki-joo (From Now On, Showtime!) play an aspiring reporter and writer, respectively. , who find themselves trapped in the past for seemingly unrelated reasons. . Set in 1987, Yoon Hae-joon (Kim) tries to solve a cold case murder while Bae Yoon-young (Jin) tries to prevent his parents from getting married. As each of them gets closer to achieving their goals, the couple soon realizes that their goals are more closely related than they first thought.


More than a year after Dr. After Brain, best actor Lee Sun-kyun finally returns to the small screen in Payback, a revenge thriller that follows Eun Yong (played by Lee), an insurance broker in -fight the money cartel that is useless. Joining him in the fight is Army Major Park Joon-kyung (Flower of Evil’s Moon Chae-won), a famous law enforcement officer who graduated from his class.

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Despite his strict moral code, Joon-kyung vows to take merciless revenge on those responsible for his mother’s unexplained death. In addition to its talented cast, Payback is directed by director Lee Won-tae, who gave the 2019 crime drama The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil. Meanwhile, his screenplay was written by Kim Won-seok, who is best known for his work on Sons of the Sun.


Lee Bo-Young is set to star in the drama industry as Go Ah-in, a creative director raised in poverty who has established herself as the first female leader of VC Planning, a big house media service. Despite these achievements, he hopes to become a CEO. On the way is the plan of the director and the long-term struggle Choi Chang-su (Jo Sung-ha), who is also for work, and Kang Han-na (Son Na-eun), destroyed the legacy of the VC group. and the company’s new media director. Faced with jealous colleagues and impossible challenges at every turn, the Agency will tell the story of Go Ah-in’s determination to rise to the top 카지노사이트.

Poong, the Physician of Joseon (season 2)

The comedy period drama Poong, Joseon’s main character will return with a second season in just a few weeks. At the end of its first season in September 2022, the show depicts the beginning of a romantic relationship between Joseon-era doctor Yoo Se-poong (Kim Min-jae) and his widow Seo Eun-woo (Kim Hyang-gi ), a relationship that will now be more than explored

Crash Course in Romance

In Crash Course and Romance, actor Jeon Do-yeon takes on the role of optimistic banchan shop owner and former national team player Nam Haeng-sun. She decides to continue her education as a mature student and begins studying for the university entrance exam, which leads her to meet Choi Chi-yeol (Hospital Playlist Jung Kyung-ho), a music teacher. and higher withdrawals from private educational institutions.

Despite his financial success, it is revealed that Chi-yeol has been battling an eating disorder for a long time and that he is angry and resentful towards others outside of his teaching. Crash in Romance Course will delve into the growth of love between Chi-yeol and Haeng-sun and the pressures faced by those preparing for the annual entrance exam.

Can We Be Strangers?

Could we be the hosts of the next legal documentary series? will follow divorced couple Oh Ha-ra (Doctor Stranger’s Kang So-ra) and Goo Eun-beom (Snowdrop’s Jang Seung-jo). Living in a divorce office, “litigation goddess” Ha-ra is forced to take out her anger on her ex-husband when they are forced to work on a case.

In addition to the complicated relationship between Ha-ra and Eun-beom, Can We Be Strangers? will look at the challenges individuals and couples face in their 30s and 40s as they navigate their careers, relationships, and life through co-workers and people their market.

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Kokdu: Time of the Gods is an upcoming fantasy drama series centered on Kokdu (Mr. Queen’s Kim Jung-hyun), a mysterious reaper who experiences death every 99 years. to punish the wicked for their sins. In his final crossing into the mortal world, Kokdu is joined by Han Gye-jeol (Woori The Virgin’s Im Soo-hyang), a doctor with special powers to control him. A graduate of the country’s lowest ranked medical school, Gye-jeol is bullied by her peers and superiors who doubt her ability. Although Kokdu’s stay in the mortal realm is short-lived, she finds herself falling in love with the human doctor as she explores their deep connection.

Netflix K-drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One Review

Generally, Twenty-Five Twenty-One has been an enjoyment as we watch two characters, played by Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk, become hopelessly enamored throughout the long term

The Korean series closes with an occasion we knew was coming yet didn’t have any desire to see. While a large part of the show has been perfect, a slip up closes it on a somewhat unpleasant vibe

“Twenty Five Twenty One” is a genuine South Korean drama featuring Nam Joo-Hyuk as Baek Yi-Jin, a once wealthy child who lost everything, and Kim Tae-Ri as Na Hee-Do, a youthful trying fencer.

The show takes place in the last part of the ’90s through flashbacks as Kim Min-Chae (Myung-Receptacle Choi) Na Hee-do’s little girl, tracks down her mom’s journal in the wake of stopping expressive dance and taking off to her grandma’s home.

Na, a once-fencing wonder, battles to demonstrate to herself as well as other people that she can contact her maximum capacity after her school’s fencing crew disbanded because of the 1997 Asian monetary emergency.

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After Na’s mom and mentor ask her to stop fencing, Na embarks on an excursion to discredit them. Be that as it may, her wacky person hinders others misjudging her.

The story follows a naive and decided Na as she does everything possible to turn into the rival of Ko Yu-Edge (Bona), a South Korean gold medalist champion. Na’s more youthful attitude is displayed when she goes similarly as doing criminal operations to get ousted from school so she can move to the school Ko joins in. Her reckless activities are the center of why she has flopped in fencing for such countless years.

Na’s old flame, Baek, likewise experienced the monetary emergency after his dad’s business failed, passing on him to fight for himself. He gets some work conveying papers for his town, where he meets Na interestingly.

Baek is likewise exceptionally youthful and puts on a show of being cold and a killjoy, yet unlike Na, he is an over-thinker who accepts his central goal is to work hard to modify his family’s standing.

By all accounts, the plot of this drama is a romantic tale among Na and Baek, who generally appear to run into one another. The two can’t stand each other toward the start of their relationship as Na is still exceptionally youthful and reckless, nonetheless, Baek, who had to grow up quickly and worry about his family’s concern, becomes attracted to Na’s thoughtless demeanor.

It’s a reviving take on an energetic romantic tale. It doesn’t hold back nothing ideal consummation between the two heroes like other Korean dramas frequently do. All things considered, it fixates on the characters’ transitioning.

Since the series hops between the present and the past, watchers get the sense from the very outset that Na and Baek don’t wind up together.

Considering this, it assists the story with jumping further into the improvement of Na and Baek’s relationship. Rather than zeroing in on a blissful closure, it readies the crowd for a heartbreaking, yet practical end, advising us that a few connections are not intended to endure forever.

The couple hit their breaking focuses after Baek scored a task as a reporter. In the first place, he is naive and attempts to make things work with Na, yet he before long faces a moral predicament as a reporter dating an expert competitor.

In any case, as two or three attempts to make it work, they are cautioned a lot of times that Baek’s vocation will cause the fall of their relationship. 카지노사이트

Like numerous Korean dramas, equal stories assist with associating each character’s story. In the current day, Na’s girl battles with tracking down the inspiration to proceed with expressive dance, which is something that we see Na battle with in the first place as she attempts to demonstrate her maximum capacity. Na’s relationship with her mom, likewise a reporter, mirrors the kind of relationship that she embarks with Baek.

All through the relationship, there is a great deal of development from the two heroes. Na develops to the point of contacting her definitive objective of winning more than one triumph against her fencing icon. Baek hits a defining moment in his vocation when he is conveyed to New York City to cover the 9/11 attacks. In the long run, he is offered the commentator position that Na’s mom once held.

The show centers around the concise recollections imparted to friends and family, tolerating the results and continuing on. 바카라사이트

In general this show works effectively making a sweet story about growing up. Unlike other Korean dramas that are over fantasized and keep an eye on trauma dump, “Twenty Five Twenty One” gives the watchers something to faint over and furthermore hits you with an enormous rude awakening.

Netflix’s Business Proposal

This audit is composed by somebody who as a rule doesn’t do lighthearted comedies. Repulsiveness, wrongdoing, and clinical secrets ordinarily make me day, yet I really wanted a range cleaning agent subsequent to completing Adolescent Equity. Business Proposal actually wasn’t on my radar, however — not until I saw individuals discussing the kiss scene. You know, that kiss scene. Along these lines, normally, I needed to look at it. On the off chance that you haven’t watched it yet, be ready for spoilers.

Assuming you’re searching for a show that intently follows reality, look somewhere else. Then again, on the off chance that you are searching for something happy (generally), amusing, and totally crazy, Business Proposal is only for you.

Shin Hari (Kim Sejung) is attempting to take care of business. She fills in as a specialist at GO Food sources and partakes in her work. Whenever she’s finished with work, she helps at her family’s chicken café. Hari appreciates investing energy with her closest companion, Jin Youngseo (Seol Inah), and fantasizes of having the option to let her crush know that she prefers him. Tragically, right when she believes she’s taking actions toward her objectives, she gets into a quarrel with somebody and winds up owing huge load of cash.

Youngseo lets Hari know that she’ll give her the cash, however she needs to go on a prearranged meeting in her place first. They wanted to annihilate the picture of Youngseo to balance the prearranged meet-up — something they’ve done previously. What happens next is anyone’s guess when Hari understands that the prearranged meet-up is with GO Food’s President, Kang Taemoo (Ahn Hyoseop). Instead of running for the slopes, Taemoo chooses to wed Hari; just he believes he’s wedding Youngseo. Hari attempts frantically to get Youngseo to address the slip-up however every time she or Hari attempt to convince Taemoo to let her be, he gets more tenacious on marriage.

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After craziness and cleverness results, Taemoo figures out he’s been conned and embarks to make Hari’s life hopeless. What’s astounding, or not assuming you’ve observed enough of these sorts of K-Dramatizations, is he begins to go gaga for Hari.

Subsequent to stowing away, the reality of their relationship emerges to Taemoo’s grandfather, Administrator Kang Dagoo (Lee Deokhwa), who believes them should separate right away. He lets Taemoo know it’s basically impossible that he can wed Hari, to which Taemoo irately rejects. Hari spends the remainder of the show making an honest effort to prevail upon Administrator Kang.

A reviving aspect concerning the show were the subsequent leads, Youngseo and Cha Sunghoon (Kim Minkyu). Youngseo was the explanation this entire disaster occurred, however she was an incredible companion to Hari all through the series. Between expressing her genuine thoughts and facing her dad who needed to wed her off like a business proposal, Youngseo was a much needed refresher at whatever point she came on screen. Her communications with Sunghoon were serious and awesome too. In any case, once more, did you see that kiss?!

One more reviving thing about the show was the comedic help that frequently appears to come. For instance, Youngseo’s apprehension about bugs in her loft, Jo Yoojung’s (Search engine optimization Hyewon) ludicrous attitude, and the Television program Taemoo’s grandfather was fixated on. Be Solid, Geumhui reflected what was happening in the administrator’s life, at this point he didn’t see it. He offers magnificent guidance to the characters on screen, yet he’s repulsive when those equivalent circumstances happen to him, in actuality. 카지노사이트

Final Thoughts

Business Proposal is cheerful, tomfoolery, and something to purify your range assuming that you as a rule watch heavier, more obscure K-Dramatizations. In any case, is it the ideal rom-com? Tragically, no. Expressly talking, there might have been longer episodes with the second leads since their science was so attractive. The show likewise appeared to attempt to fit an excessive number of sayings in the last two episodes. With vehicle crashes, time hops, and desirous sweethearts, things started to feel disconnected, which is disheartening.

Additionally, the last two episodes had too many plot openings, which was disappointing. Viewers didn’t actually get to see a wedding for Sunghoon and Youngseo. For the most part, nonetheless, show watchers aren’t searching for flawlessness, simply something that looks intriguing and gives an interruption. This show fits that bill. On the off chance that this survey has you inquisitive, Business Proposal is accessible to watch on Netflix. In the event that you’ve watched the show however need a superior consummation, or possibly an opportunity to fill in some plot openings, you can peruse the webtoon on Tapas. 에볼루션카지노 이용방법

Missing 2 and Other K-Drama Airing in December 2022

One of the busiest months for aficionados of K-content is December, which has already arrived. This is due to the scheduling of all year-end special shows during this period of holiday celebrations.

Despite the numerous options showing, genuine K-drama lovers will always find time to watch their favorite dramas. There were a few intriguing new dramas that debuted last month, but there will be more in December!

Connect (Disney+)

Circulating: December 7

Featuring: Jung Hae In, Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Hye Joon

‘Connect’ depends on a webtoon of a similar title and is a story that follows Ha Dong Soo, a man of another undying human race called ‘connect.’ The story starts unfurling when Ha Dong Soo is seized by organ dealers and one of his eyes is taken. He later understands that the one who took his eyes is a chronic executioner.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Section 2 (Netflix)

Broadcasting: December 9

Featuring: Yoo Ji Tae, Park Hae Soo, Jeon Jong Website design enhancement, Lee Hyun Charm, Kim Ji Hoon, Jang Yoon Joo
Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Section 2 (Netflix)
Circulating: December 9

‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Section 2’ keeps on recounting the narrative of the biggest heist that happens in the landmass of bound together Korea. The Professor designs an aggressive heist and enlists the most skilled people to do his plans. Yet, the group faces startling developments.

The Forbidden Marriage (Amazon Prime Video)

Circulating: December 9

Featuring: Kim Youthful Dae, Park Ju Hyun, Kim Charm Seok
‘The Forbidden Marriage’ depends on the light novel of a similar title and follows the narrative of So Rang who chooses to assist with lifting the marriage boycott that has gone on for a considerable length of time across Korea after the lord will not remarry in the wake of losing his darling crown princess quite a while back.

Alchemy of Souls 2 (Netflix)

Circulating: December 10

Featuring: Go Yoon Jung, Lee Jae Wook, Hwang Minhyun, Shin Seung Ho, Yoo In Soo
The second time of ‘Alchemy of Souls’ keeps on following the tale of Jang Uk after he gets back from death. He turns into a tracker of the spirit shifters and meets a strange young lady who looks for his assistance to recover her independence from being a detainee in her own home.

Missing: The Other Side 2 (Viki)

Circulating: December 20

Featuring: Go Soo, Ahn Jun Ho, Ahn So Hee
‘Missing: The Other Side’ is a dream secret recounting a town occupied by the souls of missing departed individuals.

Big Bet (Disney+)

Circulating: December 21

Featuring: Choi Min Sik, Child Suk Ku, Lee Dong Hwi, Heo Sung Tae
‘Big Bet’ is a wrongdoing activity show that recounts the narrative of a the man ruler of the club yet tumbles to his absolute bottom. Subsequent to becoming entrapped in a homicide case, he really wants to track down a way back to the top.

The Interest of Affection (Netflix)

Circulating: December 21

Featuring: Yoo Yeon Seok, Moon Ga Youthful
‘The Premium of Affection’ is a cut of-life show portraying the practical romantic tale between four individuals who meet at the Youngpo part of the KCU Bank. Four totally different people meet up to find out about the genuine importance of adoration while voyaging life’s excursion with totally different perspectives.

The Fabulous (Netflix)

Circulating: December 23
Featuring: Chae Soobin, SHINee’s Minho, Lee Sang Yoon, Park Hee Jung
This hyperrealism sentiment dramatization shows the adolescent and the energy around the design business and the affection and connections among individuals around that industry. ‘The Fabulous’ was planned to air last month yet was chosen to have a postponed debut following the Itaewon misfortune.

Work Later, Drink Now 2 (TVing)

Circulating: December 24

Featuring: Very Junior’s Siwon, Lee Sun Canister, Han Sun Hwa, Jung Eunji
‘Work Later, Drink Now 2’ is the second time of the cherished show ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ that follows the narrative of three closest companions. The three ladies generally carry on with their lives and meet up toward the day’s end for a drink as they empower each other in their life tries and love.

The Glory (Netflix)

Broadcasting: December 30

Featuring: Melody Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun
‘The Glory’ is a thrill ride drama recounting the tale of a secondary school brutality casualty who grows up with retribution and completes her arrangement of vengeance on her victimizers. She holds on until one of her victimizers gets hitched and has a youngster carrying on with a cheerful life. The casualty turns into the homeroom educator of the victimizer’s kid who is now in grade school and she starts completing her retribution.

The Following Korean Drama You Need to Watch is Called “Decision to Leave”

The foreign TV and film that is fresh and worth seeing is highlighted by Anywhere But Hollywood. The South Korean crime drama “Decision To Leave” is the topic of discussion this month.

The language barrier in the middle of the Korean police’s proper “departure decision” process. Hae-joon (Park Hae-il) is a handsome Busan police officer, Seo-rae (Tang Wei), the Chinese wife of a deceased businessman. Although the words may sound, the interesting thing is going away; the eye and the body take over in a fascinating way back and forth between motivation and ethics. Like the Wall of Jericho in Frank Capra’s classic “It Happened One Night,” barriers seem to fall. But to make matters worse, he is also the suspect. Seo-rae’s husband dies while climbing a mountain, but the police investigation is ruined right after she meets the detective. She is cute and shy and apologizes for her Korean flaws.

He was very happy. But she wants to know what she doesn’t want to know about her husband’s death. Is he hiding something or is he far away? He starts looking at her to see what he will see, love, or money makes him blind to not see that he might be looking at her too. 카지노 Writer-director Park Chan-wook is returning to the big screen after six years away from the hyper-violent, gonzo approach of previous films like “Oldboy.” It still looks crisp and young – it’s always delivered – but there’s also a softness here and plenty of grip. His latest offering “The Handmaiden” is all about sensuality and violence; his new is very different from his treatment of young romance. The softness in the display gives an unexpected pleasure.

Hae-joon is the opposite of a tough detective (he wears a wet towel rather than a gun), while Seo-rae is neither feminine nor intelligent. They don’t fit the dark mood of the film, and the first of many subversive choices made by Park, which allows the story to veer well off the beaten path and away from convention. Having two different parts, the final analysis and the build-up to the first, the film reminds “Vertigo” in more ways than one (like Hitchcock in San Francisco, we also get a city full of fog, isolated forest and danger. sea). That said, Park avoids many of the male-dominated pitfalls of this film in favor of two characters seeing each other in an awkward way.

Hae-joon is married; Seo-rae could be a murderer – it’s not good. As they come together, the story comes together. The plot is full of intrigue, including the hunt for another killer, euthanized grannies, and the elixir of a bad man. Some of them are essential to the plot, others are foils, but even the strange tangents are interesting.

Park Hae-il and Tang’s smooth performances and undeniable chemistry have enough gravitas to pull our attention away from any snarky threads. Both of them present an interesting story by director Park and Seo-kyeong Jeong, which has rhymes and echoes. The words are placed like a minefield across time and space, burying themselves in the souls of Hae-joon and Seo-rae. Words that may not be well understood at the time, but when they are, fall through. In the final act, when the complex plot of the film falls into its emotional state, it is very good. Finally, no barrier can prevent rain.

Interview: Writer-Director Park Chan-wook

The Korean master told CNN that he wanted to accept and change the movie scene in “The Decision to Leave,” playing music, design and male gaze. He says: “The story is different from all the deals of this kind.

For more details about his “meta approach”, why he chose Tang Wei, and why “Vertigo” is so far from his mind, read this interview.

Read more: New Korean dramas and K-dramas to watch in November: ‘The Rich One’, ‘The Fabulous’ and More

New Korean dramas and K-dramas to watch in November: ‘The Rich One’, ‘The Fabulous’ and More

New songs released this month include ‘The Fabulous’, ‘Revenge of Others’ and ‘First Responders’

In a year that has seen many fantastic K-Dramas, including Little Women, which wrapped up in October, high expectations for more upcoming dramas are set in the next two months. November seems to be a mixed bag so far – with highly anticipated shows featuring beloved actors, as well as offbeat shows. Here is a selection of K-Dramas set to air this month.

Reborn Rich

Perhaps one of the most anticipated shows of the year, Song Joong-Ki is ready to make a comeback after his performance in last year’s Vincenzo. In true cinematic style, the plot follows a loyal employee of a company who was betrayed and killed, to be born as the son of a family and the head of a large business. There’s a lot to look forward to with this one! New K-Dramas on Netflix in November 2022

Premieres November 18 on Viki (select region)

Revenge of Others

But another revenge thing, The Revenge of Others is set in a high school and Shin Ye-Eun plays the lead role which begins with a quest to uncover the truth behind the death of her twin. He is joined by another student, played by Lomon, who is the last person seen in the famous scene of the dead of all of us.

Shows on Disney+ Hotstar on November 9

Which is beautiful

The beauty and glamor of the Seoul fashion industry is the basis for this romantic drama, which stars SHINee’s Choi Min-Ho and Chae Soo-Bin – a stylist and a public relations manager for the brand. individual luxury fashion. The series follows four best friends as they navigate the world of high fashion and professional and personal on a regular basis. 카지노사이트

Join Netflix later this month

Behind Every Star

Based on the hugely popular French drama series Call My Agent, Behind Every Star tells the life stories of agents at the talent management company Method Entertainment. Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-young, Seo Hyun-woo, Joo Hyun-

Based on the very popular French drama series Call My Agent, Behind Every Star tells the life stories of agents at the talent management company Method Entertainment. Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-Young, Seo Hyun-Woo, and Joo Hyun-Young star as Method Entertainment employees who take on many beautiful, attractive, and desirable clients. The show premieres on Netflix November 7


Thrillers are the specialty of K-Drama, and The Promised One is that and more. A software developer suddenly finds himself in deep water after a virtual dating app called “One” becomes the focus of a murder investigation. The show follows him as he enlists the help of a co-worker and begins investigating a killer who may be using his equipment to miss targets. Keno Guide is Available Online

The show premieres on Netflix November 18

First Responders

A police detective, firefighter, and paramedic join forces in this K-movie, which tells the life stories of first responders. With Kim Rae-Won, Son Ho-Jun and Gong

Seung-Yeon, the first season of this K-drama will air this year, and the second season will follow in 2023.

Shows on Disney + Hotstar from November 12

New K-Dramas on Netflix in November 2022

SHINee fans will be excited to see star Choi Min Ho in his first major role in a Netflix Original series. The same can be said for actress Chae Soo Bin who will make her Netflix debut in The Fabulous. “The Fabulous” will show the work, passion, love and friendship of four young men and women who entered the fashion industry. It is a realistic romantic drama about the lives of everyday men and women who live in the city and lead a single life.

Who (Season 1) N

Time: 1 | Activities: 8
Genre: Mystery, Thriller | Hours of Operation: TBD
Actors: Kim Young Kwang, Kang Hae Lim, Kim Yong Ji, Kim Soo Yeon

Kim Young Kwang first starred in the TVN drama Hello, Me! which was released as a weekly Netflix Original. However, in Somebody, Kim Young Kwang is his first acting role in a Netflix Original series produced by Netflix. Som, the creator of the popular social media app “One”, is forced into a murder investigation while his app is at the center of the issue. His friend and investigator, Ki Eun, leads the investigation and is assisted by their friend Mok Won. New K-Dramas every week on Netflix in November 2022

Call My Agent / Behind Every Star (Season 1) N

Time: 1 | Activities: 12
Genre: Comedy, Romance | Independence: 70 minutes
Starring: Lee Seo Jin, Kwak Sun Young, Seo Hyun Woo, Joo Hyun Young, Shim So Young
Netflix Release Date: November 16, 2022 | New events: Monday, Tuesday

The revival of the French series Call My Agent, we reported that the series will also be called by the same name, however, it is now reported that the name has recently changed to Behind every Star.

At Method Entertainment, a large management company, General Manager Ma Tae Oh uses his unique strategic thinking to get what he wants. However, this puts him in competition with 14-year-old project manager Cheon Je.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella (Season 1) N

Time: 1 | Events: 16
Genre: History | Freedom: 60 minutes
Actors: Kim Hye Soo, Kim Hae Sook, Choi Won Young, Kim Eui Sung, Yoo Sun Ho
Netflix Last Date: December 4, 2022 | New events: Saturday, Sunday

Under the Queen’s Umbrella is off to a strong start and is already showing signs that it could be one of the most popular cable TV shows in South Korean history. From the second episode, the drama has achieved more than 9% rating, the only drama compared to it is The World of the Married, the best k-drama so far. In the palace, there are troublesome princes who are causing headaches for the royal family and are going to make them real crown princes. Their mother, Im Hwa Ryeong, was the wife of the great king. But instead of having an aura of beauty and grace, she is a terrible queen, sensitive and hot-tempered. It was quiet again, it changed because people kept pushing his buttons. She’s a queen who sometimes lets go of her pride and is known to swear! Every day of his life is full of temptations, but he resists them, all for the sake of his children.

Lee Hyun Woo To Join ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo In New Fantasy Romance Drama

Lee Hyun Woo has agreed to participate in ASTRO Cha Eun Woo’s upcoming drama “Good Days to Be a Dog” (working title)!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “A Good Day to Be a Dog” is a romantic drama about a woman who is cursed to turn into a dog every time she kisses a man. However, the only person who can undo his curse is a man who is afraid of dogs because of a bad event he can’t remember. Lee Hyun Woo will star as Lee Bo Gyeom, a character who hides his fierce and sharp appearance behind a smiling and friendly face.

Meanwhile, Cha Eun Woo has confirmed that he is playing the male lead Jin Seo Won, Lee Bo Gyeom’s colleague who is afraid of dogs because of an incident in the past. “Good Day To Be A Dog” is set to begin filming in October. 카지노사이트

Are you excited to see Lee Hyun Woo and Cha Eun Woo together in this new drama?

Aoa’s Seolhyun and Im Siwan Will Star in the Upcoming Romance Drama K

AOA’s Seolhyun and Im Siwan are set to star in their first upcoming K-drama later this year.

These two idols were recently announced as the frontmen of I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything (literal translation). The film, based on the webtoon of the same name, follows people who start to find themselves when they leave their busy city and live in a small town. 3 Key Operational Benefits Gained From Staffing Technology

Siwan will play Ahn Dae Bum, a mathematician who chooses to work as a bookkeeper in the seaside town of Angok when a disaster strikes. Seolhyun plays Lee Yeo Reum, a woman who decides to take a break by quitting her five-year job and heading to Angok with only a backpack.

The two will also join Shin Eun-soo (Legend of the Blue Sea) and Bang Jae-min (Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me). I don’t feel like doing anything will be directed by Lee Yoon-jung, who is best known for his role in Coffee Prince and Cheese and Trap. The film will be produced by KT Studio Genie, who also produced films such as Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Our Blues, and Hotel Del Luna. I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything is set to air in November on Genie TV, with new programs also airing on ENA and South Korean streaming service Seezn. A release date has not been announced at the time of writing.

Related article: Little Women: Why Korea’s Mysteries Are Like Nothing

Little Women: Why Korea’s Mysteries Are Like Nothing

This new K-movie has already attracted many audiences due to its fun and unique nature.

Directed by Kim Hee-Won, this new K-drama has already attracted many audiences due to its fun and unpredictable nature. Starring goblin girl Kim Go-Eun, Nam Ji-Hyun, and Park Ji-Hu, the drama follows the adventures and hardships faced by three sisters. The three sisters, who were bought from poor places, suddenly had the opportunity to improve their prospects.

The three sisters are involved in a conspiracy involving the crime of 70 billion won. Following this, what happens in the news is what the fans are eagerly waiting for. With only the first episodes released right now, international audiences have loved the series so far. For this reason, it has been one of the most anticipated shows of 2022. The show is based on Louisa May Alcott’s famous novel, Little Women.

This novel is the most popular American novel of the generation. It has had many television and film adaptations of the same name.

K-Drama Women, however, is an adaptation of the book. That is very interesting to the extent that its plot is different.

The only thing they both have in common is the character of the actors. Which makes them feel like they are straight out of the book. In addition, both the book and the K-drama deal with the same theme of class and power, greed and hopelessness.

With Netflix’s plethora of recent horror shows like The Squid Game and We’re All Dead. It’s possible to miss this show if the first episode isn’t based on the story.

However, the second episode of the series recorded a household rating of 10.6%, making it one of the most watched K-Dramas in its television time slot. To celebrate the success of young women on the rise, let’s take a look at why we must watch the show.


A cast that stars young women is what sets it apart. Featuring up and coming, current celebrities and actors, this show is full of potential. Kim Go-Eun, an actress known for her role in Goblin and The King: The Eternal King, plays the main character of the Oh, Oh In-Joo sisters. There is a special similarity between In-Joo and Meg’s character from the book, because they are both heads of families and want the best. These overlapping dynamics in the characters make for a fun experience for those who have lingered extensively in the book. Netflix K-Drama Recap of ‘The Girl Down’s Season 1: What We Know So Far

Moreover, the show also boasts an outstanding supporting cast. Oh’s cousin, Oh Hye-Suk, is the talented actress Kim Mi-Sook. The very handsome men Wi Ha-Joon of Squid Game and Kang Hoon also gave outstanding performances, showing the power race of two competing families. All the emotions of the actors are given in full measure, which makes the fans feel excitement about what is to come and how the series will unfold.

The Plot

Little girls strayed from the plot of the book really. For example, instead of four sisters, they have three. Other main conflicts are often not found if the fans have not studied. With many characters from the books, this storyline is also very interesting. The show created a lot of suspense, even with its trailers dropping. 카지노사이트

Most importantly, this show touches on many major topics that are prevalent in South Korean society and even the world. These themes include large amounts of money and inequality between classes and society. It also shows how power plays an important role in sustaining this lack of money.

The creators of the show have succeeded in showing two different parts of society.

The Oh sisters are constantly changing their lives, while the rich get the things they want whenever they want. Fans are eagerly anticipating the twists and turns that will develop in this dynamic.

The Production

Little Women, produced by Cho Moon-Joo, is one of Netflix’s biggest recent Korean productions, hoping to attract the same level of international audience as Squid Game. The production team and the director have done a great job of organizing everything that is known and unknown.

This intense movie has entered the world of classic reactions in South Korea and now have success. The writing writing is a book written, the essay shows the perfect balance between conversations and a serious problem, and compared with the privilege.

Another attractive feature of this series is that it is directed by women. Just having three female leads in the movie, by today’s social standards, is a lot of a surprise. It is also one of the many reasons why young women have received international support. The Oh sisters’ strong and captivating performance will make the series successful as more shows are released.

Chung Seo-Kyung joins Kim Hee-Won, who is known for her famous role in directing Vincenzo, another film featuring a strong female lead. The addition of Kim Hee-Won also adds an element of grit and darkness to the show, which has now become one of its trademarks. Fans familiar with his work are even more excited to figure out how the show progresses.

Netflix K-Drama Recap of ‘The Girl Down’s Season 1: What We Know So Far

Dragon Studio is working on Netflix’s next k-drama series, an adaptation of the popular webtoon The Girl Downstairs. Starring Bae Suzy as Lee Doo Na, the exciting new k-drama is still filming, but we’ll be keeping you posted on everything you need to know about the first season of Girl Downstairs on Netflix. Girl in the Basement is a South Korean romantic Netflix Original k-drama and an adaptation of the popular webtoon of the same name. The series is directed by Lee Jeong Hyo, who previously worked in the k-dramas Crash Landing on You, Romance is a Money Book, and Life on Mars. Dragon Dragon is the creative team behind the k-drama that has already produced shows for Netflix such as Love Awakening, My Holo Love, Sweet Home, etc. Review of Alchemy of Souls Ep. 13

What is the Netflix release date? Netflix has not announced a release date for the K-Drama, however, we expect it to hit Netflix in the spring of 2023.

What is the plot of The Girl Downstairs? Synopsis for the girl in the basement from the webtoon:

When Joon moves into his new house on the first day of graduation, he doesn’t expect the beautiful ex-Duna to live in the basement. Joon initially tries to avoid her but becomes more and more curious about her mysterious life.

Who is the cast of Girl Downstairs?

Former Miss A Bae Suzy, who starred in two Netflix Originals and Vagabond, has been cast in the lead role of The Girl Downstairs as Lee Doo Na. 온라인카지노

Yang Se Jong was cast as Lee Won Joon’s lead. Before starring in Girl Downstairs, Yang Se Jong only starred in one Netflix Original series, My Country: The New Age. He is also well known for starring in the popular movies of 37 and Dr. Romantic. Lee Yoo Bi’s casting as an unnamed supporting role means the actress will make her Netflix Original debut. His first acting roles were in films such as Somehow 18, Pinocchio, and A Poem a Day.

What is the number of activities for a girl in the basement?

It has been announced that there will be a total of eight episodes. The running time has not been revealed.

Review of Alchemy of Souls Ep. 13

I think everything that happened in that constellation really set the stage for a lot of things.

We found out that the Ice Stone has Hwansu’s power, so it can prevent Soul Shifters from acting out of control. Although it could make soul turners go crazy, Park Jin firmly believed that such power should not exist in the first place.

Only the power of the Constellation Recorder Mage can be used to open the ceiling above the Constellation Pool. Naksu seems to have temporarily regained his strength at this point, so the ceiling cracks open, allowing a powerful thunderbolt to crash into the basin. Jang Uk says that he is the Soul Ejector. Because of the sound, Jin Mu goes to Cheonbugwan and finds that Eunch Kim is in trouble there. He called Jang Uk, thinking that he was still nearby. It is our sage Jang Uk, who called the king with ying and yang jade. Interestingly, he approached Jang Uk.

Jin Mu remembers a young Bu-Yeon when he meets Mu-Deok, who has his eyes covered since he lost his sight. I wonder if he thought more of it.

The thunder also makes Park Jin appear in Cheongbugwan. Crown Prince and Park Jin learn about what happened to Jang Uk, but Jin Mu denies all the accusations. Jang Uk and Mu-Deok are surprised when Eunch Kim appears in person with the Queen, who arrives later. Later we find out that they resurrected Eunch Kim using the Ice Stone.

Because he knows that he can help Mu-Deok with the ice stone if he is angry, Jang Uk finally says that he must be lying. Instead, Park Jin expresses his regret and promises that Songrim will fix the lake and warn Jang Uk.

The Queen accuses Jin Mu of getting himself into this mess because he looked down on Jang Uk. He says that Jang Uk didn’t behave. The world was very angry with him because he did not care about his helplessness. He changed, he sued the queen, and he had to find out why. He went on to say – and I completely agree – that people change because of other people. Later, Jang Uk says that he didn’t lie to Park Jin, and Park Jin admits this. Park Jin advises Jang Uk to go home alone and be punished. At that time, Jang Uk studied Chisu under the instruction of Master Lee while catching fish in Gyeongcheondaeho Lake. Anyone who reaches the level of Chisu can catch a fish, which is a liquid generated by energy. When Kim Do-Joo asked Mu-Deok to help organize a memorial service for Cho Chung and Cho Yeong, I felt sad. After discussing with Master Lee, he made this decision. He said that even the girl died when Do-Joo asked if the girl was alive. This prompted him to celebrate the anniversary. It was revealed that Jang Gang and Cho Chung were good friends at the time. Naksu is really the most in trouble. He saw her body burned. And now he is celebrating his own anniversary. His life was wrong.

  • Alchemy of Souls Episode 13: Mu-Deok in front of him and his father’s memory
  • Alchemy of Souls Episode 13: Mu-Deok in front of him and his father’s memory
  • Jang Uk admits that he likes Mu-Deok to beat Lee during their conversation. Also learns that Naksu is the first girl Yul met when he was a child.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 13: Smiling Jang Uk
Alchemy of Souls Episode 13: Jang Uk when he says that he loves Mu-Deok to Master Lee.
Seo Yul sees Mu-Deok outside of his memorial service and his thoughts show that he regrets not bringing Naksu back when he was younger. The episode ends with the reveal that Yul is the final opponent in the duel.