Tesla Driver Accuses Company of Being to Blame for Fatal Collision Seen on Chinese Video

Two people have been killed and three others seriously injured after the driver of a Tesla Model Y reportedly lost control of the electric car in southern China.

The high-speed footage, which was captured by surveillance cameras, shows the car swerving along the side of the road before suddenly picking up speed and exploding on Chaozhou Road, in Guangdong Province, and -lost passers-by on November 1. . 5.

The 55-year-old driver, identified as a former driver named Zhan, hit a speed limit of 123mph as the car hit a cyclist and a pickup truck before collapsing in the room. Zhan told local media that he tried to stop outside his family’s shop. However, the vehicle would have continued to move forward even after pressing the brake pedal.

“I thought the car was not running, so I pressed the park button, but it started running,” Zhan told Dahe Daily. “Suddenly, I was in the lead and tried to brake a few times. There are others on the way. A motorcycle was in front of me, so I stepped on it. 카지노사이트 주소

“Because I’m a truck driver, I know what to do if my brakes fail on a hill, so when I lost control of the truck, I immediately started looking for an anti-roll bar. and”, he added. “I kept testing the brakes to see if it would start working and stop the car. I was thinking about where I would crash, but my reaction could not keep up with the speed.


According to reports, a motorcyclist and a high school student died in the incident, while three others were seriously injured. The driver reportedly survived.

The 55-year-old’s family said the accident was caused by a malfunction in Tesla’s AutoPilot technology. He would not have been able to stop or stop the car with his hands. Tesla was acquired from a friend in November 2021, according to Zhan’s son. However, the automaker Elon Musk has denied the allegation. Tesla provided data showing that the brake pedal was not depressed during acceleration, adding that the car’s brake lights were off in the video. Tesla wrote in a statement, “The car’s electrical output was severely depressed for a long time and held at 100% for some time.” “There was no braking during the whole process. Please do not listen to rumors and spread illegal information.

Safety experts believe that the driver may have confused the brake pedal with the accelerator.

The incident is still under investigation. Traffic police ruled out driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol after conducting toxicology tests on Zhan. However, the authorities are still awaiting their own investigation. The vehicle operator must actively provide “any necessary assistance” to local law enforcement, which may include a third-party investigator.

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