How Taylor Swift’s “Anti-hero” Music Video Capitalizes on the Topic of Self-hatred From Midnights

In the “Anti-Hero” music video, which features Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Mike Birbiglia, and John Early, Taylor Swift invites viewers into the most darkly recesses of her mind.

We’re about to get a new Taylor Swift album, and Midnights mayhem has engulfed the globe. The new album has a different feel than 1989, moving away from the folky, singer-songwriter style of the earlier period. Midnights is described as “a joyful, effervescent, somewhat chaotic return to pop; a bittersweet confessional gift wrapped with confetti” by Saloni Gajjar in her B+ review for The A.V. Club. 카지노사이트

The first Midnights era music video for the song “Anti-Hero,” which was written and directed by the Grammy winner herself, is included with the CD. As Swift herself would put it, it contains “all the things that make me, me”: champagne, glitter, cats, several Taylors, and numerous Taylors. Fans will undoubtedly be tempted to search for “a secret encoded message that implies something else,” as Chad, Swift’s mischievous son, who is voiced by the always-welcome John Early, remarks. “That’s what mum would always do,” after all. Mike Birbiglia’s Preston concurs.

However, the “Anti-Hero” video’s message is not difficult to find. Like the rest of Midnights, the message is possibly more straightforward than in any of her earlier works. In an Instagram explanation for the first tune, Swift confesses, “I just battle with the idea of not feeling like a person. This song provides a thorough tour of all the aspects of myself that I find most repulsive.

The “Anti-Hero” video is therefore a “guided tour” of the album’s central theme, which is, in Swift’s words, “self-loathing.” Swift admits in Midnights that fame is a prison, but she chose it. Her partying pop star alter ego can be seen shaking her head angrily in one clip of the video as she steps on a scale that reads “FAT.” Swift later makes reference to her eating issue in the song “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” when she sings, “I hosted parties and starved my body.” Swift initially discussed her eating disorder in the film Miss Americana. She goes on to say that even though “the jokes weren’t humorous, I took the money,” enabling herself to be used as a human punchline for financial benefit. First New Music From Paramore in Five Years is Announced Along With a New Song

Although famously maligned, the lyrics of “Anti-hero” “Sometimes I feel like everyone is a hot child”, reminding him of the song of the Red Vault track “Nothing new” and it will soon be replaced by another bright and young pop culture. something. Although Swift himself is “the beast on the hill / too big to leave, slowly go to the city you love”, which is represented by a large version of himself. “I think my life has become out of control,” he said in the same Instagram video.

In “Anti-Hero,” there’s an irony about being too fat to fail (“He was shot in the heart, but never killed”). But Midnights says that getting this limit is exactly what he asked for, and that he made voluntary sacrifices in the name of “pursuing the title” (per “Midnight Rain”). Made on purpose, he declares on “Mastermind”: “No one wanted to play with me when I was young / So I’ve been plotting like a criminal ever since / Let them see me n “look but it seems effortless.”

Although he was often asked during his history if his lover would be willing to put up with his “uncontrollable” life, in “Anti-Hero” he – it is clear that the person he wants to be by his side is us. , the audience. “I wake up screaming when I dream / one day I’ll watch you go / and life will lose all meaning,” he sings. If the fans disappear, then all those sacrifices will be in vain. Still, Swift admits it’s not always easy to root for him, comparing herself unfavorably to the congressman whose “secret narcissism I disguise as something that -not good.” (In the video, the lovable “disco ball” covers his wounds with a campaign button that reads “Vote for me for all.”) is merciful. That would be it – hello, that’s the problem, in case you forgot. Taylor Swift reclaims her pop crown with Midnights

While promoting her new album Midnights, Taylor Swift revealed that she divides her music into three different ways: Quill, fountain pen and glitter gel pen, combining the perfect weapon to deliver his music. His 10th studio album sits confidently between fountains and glittery gel kits; it is detailed and determined (it is different from the album cover). midnight is a rolling, aggressive and slightly negative throwback; a heart-wrenching confession gift wrapped in confetti. With seven bonus tracks, a sudden release from Swift, things are on the upswing. Swift has gone from country to indie-again since her debut and won 11 Grammys in the process. His writing and lyrics are fun and refreshing, insightful and inspiring stories through it all. That deep talent is always on display, especially on Folklore 2020 and more, albums that veer away from his earlier records to create quieter and more emotional music.

These records received critical and public acclaim, so expectations were high for his inclusion in the Midnights. Swift announced the album weeks in advance and launched a rollercoaster social media promotion with a retro-glam Mad Men aesthetic. But there is no indication – despite many speculations – of what the album will actually sound like. Could it be an extension of “folkmore”, trying pop-rock? Or another version? In the end, Midnights is a fantastic mix of 1989’s The Lover, and a payback that reputation has thrown in for good measure. While it’s still fun and very live, Midnight doesn’t hold together because of the production and the arrangement that makes the synth-pop sound break down in the middle. Swift collaborates with longtime friend and musician Jack Antonoff on 13 new songs, all inspired by things that keep her up at night (midnight is a recurring theme in her career ): self-loathing, dreams of revenge , the question if ” , fall in love and fall apart. The end result is a fascinating mix of bops, because, let’s face it, that’s what the Midnights are. That’s a compliment, not a complaint, because Swift is a bona fide banger queen.