8 Best BL/Yaoi Manga That Need Anime Adaptation

The BL genre has become a popular genre among manga readers and is also popular in anime. Due to the success of shows like Given, Yuri on Ice, No. 6, with Sasaki and Miyano, it has become a common type of drama. More and more BL manga are slowly getting anime adaptations, but there are a large number that aren’t (at least).

These BL manga may not be the most dramatic or over the top, but they have some great stories and great characters. Watching their friendship become a relationship or working on their relationship, these BL manga should have an anime adaptation to show their story to the viewers.

9 Change the world

His manga depicts a married couple who make life changes that can destroy their relationship. Yosuke Ito and Ikuo Arimura have known each other since high school but only recently for a year. Their relationship is going well, but they find it difficult to express their feelings. There’s also Masato Hozumi, Arimura’s former classmate and roommate, putting doubts about their relationship in Yosuke’s mind. It doesn’t help that Yosuke has a chance at his company, but he wants to work overseas. For only being two volumes, the story and the characters are well developed. Although there are some serious moments, it is not overdone, and Yosuke and Arimura look at their words like adults. It can be a short process since the game Sayonara is a world-changing event that shows how a couple comes together. In addition, it has a series, Love Nest, which follows Hozumi in her life.

8 Connection

The manga follows four different couples in their stories. Akiha and Yahiko are in a friendly and beneficial relationship, but the former are not sure what to think about their relationship. Sado and Nakajo always argue that some may think that they have become a couple, but they are not. Nakajo didn’t think they could be together but he was still close to Sado. Sekiya is a socially awkward man who finds himself the center of attention for Shibata, a man who stalks him at every opportunity. Then there are Kameda and Ogikawa, who team up with a stray cat Ogikawa found on the road. The manga is only one volume, and it’s a bit confusing to deal with the four couples, but it’s a good read. The anime adaptation will be fun to watch because it’s four different couples with different back stories. Also, the anime can improve the structure of the story a bit and make it easier to follow the story.

7 Glass disease

Manga is a bit more dramatic. Glass Syndrome is about high school student Nijou, who seems to be perfect in everything he does. He is the topper of the class, amazing at sports and popular in school. His teacher told him to watch his classmate Toomi, a student who had been absent recently. It turns out that Toomi has a secret that explains why she is missing, but that secret could destroy her life for good when it comes out. Nijou has discovered his secret and has to decide whether or not to meet Toomi for it.

This manga has a lot of emotional baggage between Nijou and Toomi, but for different purposes. Toomi is very insecure and is afraid that others will reject her if she is not perfect, so she always tries to save her face. Toomi, on the other hand, is worried about her family’s financial situation. The only time they can be themselves is around each other. A Review of BL Manhwa “Intense” by Kyungha Yi

6 Our dining table

The manga is suitable for anyone who wants to read a beautiful biography. Yutaka is a salaryman who has cooking skills, but he finds it difficult to eat around people at the dining table due to a past injury. One day, he meets two brothers, Minoru and Tane, when Tane eats one of the homemade rice balls. They asked Yutaka if he would help them prepare the food, and he agreed, making sure to share the food with them.
The relationship between Yutaka and Minoru is a slow fire, but it’s not painful or boring to watch as it happens. The two men have had different lives and are facing their own challenges, but seeing them work through them and understand their feelings for each other makes this a great story. It will make a great anime and make the viewers have something fun and good to watch. In addition, Tane is beautiful and beautiful; it would be a crime not to notice his fear.

5 I can’t reach you

for a long time, but many of their peers did not understand why. Both are complete opposites. Kakeru is more outgoing and friendly, while Yamato is quiet and almost silent when talking to others. When Kakeru sees a girl talking to Yamato, he thinks that his best friend will get a girlfriend. However, Kakeru realizes that the thought is bothering him and tries to find out why.

The following type of story often sees the trope of best friends who love each other, but it takes time to build. Yamato already knows that he loves Kakeru and admits when asked who he loves. Meanwhile, Kakeru is feeling his anxiety, wondering if getting into a romantic relationship is worth risking their lifelong friendship. Seeing this made into an anime will be a fun watch and give viewers more love.

4 Toritan: Bird of a feather

A manga with funny moments around birds. Inusaki is a researcher, and is known as a handyman who works poorly for his area. But there is one thing that bothers Inusaki: he can understand and talk to birds. However, there is a bird, which he calls Kuro, that reminds him of his owner’s son, Mitsuru. It seems Mitsuru has a secret of his own, but it’s not what Inusaki thinks. The story is filled with dramatic conversations between Inusaki and the innocent bird, as well as quiet, sweet moments between him and Mitsuki. Their relationship doesn’t go fast or fast, but it still has a nice development that will be nice to see on screen.

3 My love crisis

The manga has a funny love triangle. Aoki is Hashimoto’s favorite student. When he borrows his cleaner, he is heartbroken to see his classmate Ida (a student) with him. Ida just happens to notice the wipes on Aoki’s desk and thinks that Aoki has feelings for her. From there, a series of dramatic misunderstandings fuel the relationship between Aoki and Ida.

Love triangles are common, but few are as funny as this one. The love triangle between the three students resolves quickly instead of continuing to frustrate for a long time. Having a story that takes a different approach to the love triangle will be refreshing to watch. It is a love story with slice-of-life and funny moments that will keep the viewers watching 카지노사이트.

2 Two Lions

A manga where classmates discover each other. Junpei Shishido is a newcomer who is friendly and affectionate to everyone he meets. One day, he meets Leo Onizuka, a lonely and well-intentioned man. When Leo loses him, Junpei finds out that he went to the same high school as Leo, and that Leo is a gang leader. Junpei offers to be his friend despite these rumours, and Leo slowly begins to open up to him. It’s a beautiful story that draws opposites, but it’s really worth reading. Leo is not only a man with an angry face, he also wants to make friends, but many people are afraid of him. Junpei is more than happy to befriend him and realizes that his feelings are becoming more than friendship. Where is the Line That Separates Journalism From Politics?

1 I can hear the sun dying

Manga has such a sweet relationship, it deserves to be made into a movie. Kouhei has a very difficult life because of his hearing loss, so he avoids people. Another is Taichi, a loud and boisterous person who makes friends with everyone but is misunderstood because of his loud voice. The two meet and start a friendship that slowly grows as Kouhei learns to open up to someone who doesn’t care about his disability while Taichi helps and inspires him to be more happy in his life.

These two characters have many levels, and fans can relate to them about their personalities and hobbies. The story is strong and the romance builds slowly, it might feel like a bromance to you, but it’s still good to see it develop. It’s also rare to have a character with a disability and it’s rare to see one in BL manga. Turning this manga into an anime would add to the small pool of disabled characters and it would be a great step into the anime world.